Family is Under ‘Permanent Attack’ by United Nations, Says Cardinal

GUADALAJARA, Mexico, October 7, 2010 ( – The Cardinal Archbishop of Guadalajara, Mexico, Juan Sandoval Iñiguez, gave a speech Sunday in which he lashed out at the United Nations and other international organizations that he says are running a campaign to destroy the family.

“The family is being permanently attacked,” said the cardinal at a meeting of the international Catholic relief organization, Caritas. “And the organizations that are in charge of rearranging the family are powerful organizations, beginning with the United Nations Organization, the World Bank, the Interamerican Bank, the big leftist parties in the world.”

The United Nations Organization, said the cardinal, has been promoting a new concept of “gender” since 1995. “Gender isn’t something like [the sex of a person], but rather a relationship, with whomever I interact sexually,” he added.

“If we so decide, for example, bestiality, well that would be another gender, doing it with animals, fetishism, where men get excited by feminine dress and live that way.”

Sandoval Iñiguez observed that the same organizations are also vigorously promoting the legalization of abortion in poorer countries, promoting the idea of “the right of the woman over her body, and it is propagated everywhere, and they have required governments, because they are in debt, they have required governments to accept abortion in their laws.”

The cardinal’s comments come in response to an increasingly intense campaign waged in recent months by Mexican pro-abortion and homosexualist groups, often funded and coordinated by foreign organizations and governments, to change Mexico’s laws on abortion and gay “marriage.”

For years, pro-life activists would recoil as certain high ranking Vatican officials would extol the benefits of the U.N.  While these declarations were no doubt well-intentioned, pro-life activists would shake our heads at such declarations, and wonder just what were our leaders thinking?

After Planned Parenthood, the U.N. is the greatest organizational enemy of the unborn and the traditional familyand it has been for decades.

Finally, we have a high ranking cardinal doing what us lowly bloggers have been doing for years now — calling out the elephant in the room.

Did you catch what the Cardinal said about the whole gender ideology gig?  I found that most interesting.

There`s a certain blogger that has been pointing to the growth in this gender ideology in the Canadian Church`s charity business too, but he`s been given the shaft by the current Canadian hierarchy.

Still, as the Lord says, “wisdom is vindicated by her works“ (Matthew 11:19).

One thought on “Family is Under ‘Permanent Attack’ by United Nations, Says Cardinal

  1. Fertility in 83 countries representing 44 percent of the world’s population has fallen below replacement levels,in the developed countries, the net reproduction rate is 0.7 and dropping, which means that the next generation will be only 70 percent as large as this one. As more women are forced into the work-place the fertility rate is dropping more quickly still. As the population ages the ratio of workers to non-workers plunges,and the pressure to kill older people becomes even greater.

    Having decided human embryos are merely material for research purposes,we find it impossible to resist so viewing other humans. Having harvested dying babies for their organs, we will begin to harvest dying adults like they do in China. Who do you suppose is buying these from the Chinese?

    Biotechnology companies have already blended the ova of humans and pigs. Who would have guessed in 1963 that within a decade, abortion would be normalized within three decades, homosexuality would be normalized and imposed on public school children even though it is overwhelmingly unhealthy, and within three and a half decades, biotechnology would be crossing livestock with human beings.

    Professor Tom Landers has spent his life teaching anyone who would listen to reason, that the powerful elitists who profit the most from societal breakdown are programming people through our education establishments and The United Nations. He said just look at the names of the people who are the signatories of The Humanist Manifesto.The abortion business alone brings in billions of dollars annually. The United Nations is promoting and imposing abortion and sodomy world wide. Abortion and sodomy are protected by court enforcement and government decree and taught it in Canadian schools in the form of Kinsey Sex Education. Politics is overwhelmingly important as the politicians we elect pass Bills into Law in our Legislatures and Parliament. Please support traditionalist politicians.

    As Social Conservatives we have to come together politically and win some elections. We must convince the majority of the citizens to join us for a better future.

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