Family Break Down Costs Lots of Money

The cost to Britain of social breakdown is running at £102billion a year, according to the Tories.
The party’s review group on social policy will put a massive price on the effects crime, poor education and family break-ups have on the economy.

It is understood that the social justice policy commission used Government statistics to cost the overall impact of social breakdown at £102billion a year.

The total is made up of £24billion for family breakdown, £18billion for educational under-achievement and £60billion for crime.

The interim report recorded clear evidence that cohabiting couples were more than twice as likely to break up as married couples.

It found that three-quarters of family breakdowns affecting young children involve unmarried parents.

It also warned that a national debt crisis is causing misery for millions and fuelling family disintegration.

Personal borrowing has reached a total of £1.25trillion – meaning each household owes an average of £50,000.

The study said family breakdown is happening at a greater rate than ever before and is costing the country more than £20billion a year.



Back in the last century, it was really cool for fiscal conservatives to look down at their noses at social conservatives in this country. After all, money is what talked and we fundy Socons with our “one issue” issues were such prudes, always trying to “force our morality” on society.

They told us we needed to get away from “moral issues” and concentrate on the important things like issues related to money and money and money. Everything else could frankly just go to hell.

Even today, these same losers keep parrotting this fantasy religion, refusing to acknowledge the massive social breakdown of the culture.

As we have always maintained, the family structure must be protected in order to provide the necessary foundation for a vibrant economy. An economy, to survive and thrive, needs first and foremost STABILITY. Disfunctional and broken families do the exact opposite. That has a huge effect on our competitiveness as a country, not to mention all of the money we have to fork out through government social and “crime prevention” programs to fix the garbage that we simply refused to deal with UP FRONT. Although there are a few reasons for this, it all boils down to sex and the government’s inability to realize that its management can make or break a civilization.

Trudeau told us that the State didn’t belong in the bedrooms of the nation. That sounded all groovy and slick. We got our free sex and everything was great for about 40 years. Now, in the West, things are starting to fall apart and we are slowly starting to collectively realize that sex costs us some way and some how. Either we treat it with seriousness and sobriety and sacrifice some forbidden fruit at the beginning, or we pay later in many, many ways, the least of which is the good old greenback to the point, I predict, where many western democracies are going to financially implode. In other words, pay now (through sexual restraint) or pay later through societal and financial collapse. Either way, we’re going to pay. It’s not unlike maintaining your car. If you do the preventative maintenance on a regular basis and treat it well, you’ll get a lot of mileage on it. But if you run it down and don’t put in the necessary work up front, it will simply stop running. And the cost of repair later is much higher than if you had shelled out a few bucks along the way.

So the next time some pencil neck fiscal conservative preaches to you about how important the economy is, simply invite him to join the real world and recommend to him that he educate himself on the cost of running a country when the family is falling apart.

See also Crime and the Public Dime.

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