Falling Like Flies


Five Abortion Clinics Close in Massachusetts

All the abortion clinics in the Cape Cod area of Massachusetts have  closed.

NARAL Pro Choice America said it’s because of the pro-life movement has cast a negative light on abortion. Pro-life advocates say that’s only half-right.

Ann Fox, president of Massachusetts Citizens for Life, said most of  the stigma is within the medical community.

“It’s not interesting, it’s not life-saving,” she said, “it’s not any of the things that doctors go into medicine for.”

Dr. Patty Giebink was an abortionist for Planned Parenthood in the  1990s, but had a change of heart. She’s now a strong voice for life.

“The people who are still doing abortions, many of them are lying and are in it for the money,” she said.  “They don’t care about women.”

She noted the reasons people are pro-abortion are coming apart at the seams.

In the past several months, Planned Parenthood has announced the  closing of several abortion clinics, including six in El Paso, Texas, and another six in Indiana.

Here’s how it works, folks.  We can gauge how the battle is going when we consult the “hip barometer”.  That is, when it’s hip to advocate for a particular moral or social position, it means you are making advances in the culture war.

People who oppose abortion are now being seen as hip

And when your position becomes hip, you gather momentum.  And when you gather momentum, your opponent tries totalitarian tactics to stop that momentum, which only shows them up for what they really are.

Abortion, as a political movement, is falling apart.

2 thoughts on “Falling Like Flies

  1. I have two comments to make regarding news stories on lifesitenews.com

    When I was pregnant with my third and also my fourth children, people at work mocked me with comments such as, “There are ways to prevent that, you know”, “Better you than me”, “How do you do it?” The worst one was “Did you know you were ovulating?” I didn’t lash back, but it is evident it was on par with the harassment the worker took regarding his coworker’s lesbian wedding. There is harassment in the workplace and elsewhere about being pregnant! It should be taken to the Human Rights Commission. Ha, ha!

    About Abby’s conversion story, I saw for myself on the ultrasound when I went to the hospital for a CVS for my fourth child. When the doctor inserted the canula to take a sample of the placenta for analysis, the baby jerked away from the instrument even though the instrument wasn’t even close to the baby.

  2. Thank you Father!!! Thank you!!!
    Let us not disappoint you , but rise up like a mighty army of the Lord and defeat the enemy who robs, steals, lies and destroys.
    Give us courage Lord and perseverance to fast and pray and sacrifice, in reparation for the apathy of Christians for many years.
    Forgive us as a nation for the great sin of abortion.
    Heal our land Lord and accept our sacrifices prayers and fasts
    Transform the hearts and minds of every pro-abortion advocate and every mother and father contemplating abortion

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