Archdiocese folds to provocation from Lesbian; Undermines Faithful Priest’s Witness

…Fr. Guarnizo may have been forcibly denied the opportunity to expand on his conversation. A commenter on Deacon Greg Kandra’s blog, who claimed to have been “in a meeting with Fr Marcel and heard the whole story,” wrote: “The woman in question brought her lesbian partner into the vesting sacristy just before the funeral Mass and made sure to introduce her partner to Fr. Marcel, introducing her as her ‘lover’. He told her then that she should not present herself for Communion.” A commenter claimed Barbara’s partner “blocked his way out of the sacristy when he attempted to speak with her further.”…(Source)

If a priest does NOTHING else and utters not one word, but defends the integrity of the Eucharist in these days, he will be counted as the greatest in the kingdom of Heaven.  And woe to you, Bishop, if you rebuke your priests for doing so, and issue an apology to the propagandists for Sodom who unjustly provoke our holy priests! 

Have you all lost your flipping minds? That you would believe a practicing lesbian who thinks receiving the Eucharist is an indiscriminate right (maybe like Obamacare, no doubt) instead of a privilege to be received in the State of Grace!

Friends, do you think that this woman is just going to go away?  No. The rage of Hell is about to be unleashed on the Church. You can kiss away having public masses in the major cities in North America in the very near future.   The bishops are going to learn the hard way just what their go-along-to-get-along poison is going to do the Church and to them personally.  The clown days are about to end.  Sobriety is going to be the order of the day.  We’re all going to find out who are the true Catholics and who are the faux Catholics when the sword pierces Our Lady’s heart.

Back when I was planning the March for Marriage in 2005, I had a telephone conversation with 2 Canadian bishops. I told them that the push for “gay marriage” was a front for getting to the Eucharist.  They fell silent on the other end of the phone. They thought I was a loon.    I tried to explain it to them.  Marriage was ultimately about social acceptance, not about phoney “rights”.  That was their game.  And when the train from Sodom rolled over marriage, it looked at the last obstacle to total social acceptance: religion.  And in particular, the Catholic religion where partaking of the Eucharist signifies total acceptance in the Church and acceptance by God.

My friends, let me tell you how it is…or rather will be.  We will continue to fight against the hell-sent attacks on humanity to our dying breath, but we have to accept what is about to befall the Church and the coming persecutions.  Our victories in the future won’t be in politics or in front of a judge.  Our victories will be in suffering and dying for Our Lord.

Maranatha. Come Lord Jesus. We’re ready.  Anything to be rid of this poutine Catholicism once and for all.

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Barry O has ditched religious freedom. He’s flipped us a bone and said we can keep religious worship, instead.  In light of this attack, just how long do you all think we’ll have before the Messiah of Health Care revokes our right to worship in public, as well?



5 thoughts on “Archdiocese folds to provocation from Lesbian; Undermines Faithful Priest’s Witness

  1. Have you ever read Michael D. O’Bien’s “Father Elijah: An Apocalypse”? It was a work of fiction he wrote back in 1999 or so, and we are definitely living in a world- and with a church- that resembles the ones portrayed in the novel.

  2. North American catholic bishops would be well advised to follow th courageous lead of cardinal Dolan. At the time of Henry v111 in 1532 it was the English bishops except for two that included st. John fisher, that deserted the church as cowards and followed the lead of the schismatic king.
    Thang god for cardinal Dolan who is of the same strong character and faith as st. John fisher.

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