‘Faithful dissent’? Catholic school board sponsors lecture on how to oppose Church moral teachings

“This lecture proposes that Catholic schools can do more to include and nurture internal disagreement as a powerful opportunity to embrace intellectual diversity, learn the value of faithful dissent and enable greater participation in the Church and the world.”

Yes, yes, yes!  Come and learn how to be as incoherent, self-contradicting, and church-destroying like the rest of the “Catholic” theological class.  You too can learn to make no sense at all, too!

But, boy oh boy, you can then claim the rights to use words like “diversity” in your resume.

I see the Canadian hierarchy was quick to jump on this and squash it….er…sorry, the bishop was conveniently not around for any comment.

Just like my TV, I’ve just learned to turn nu-church programs off.

Nothing like shoring up the relationship between the hierarchy and the Faithful laity, eh?  One big happy family.

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