Faithful Catholics witness at Ottawa Pride while Catholic parish marches

Lifesite’s coverage of the parade can be found here.

“I was not opposed to them praying the rosary,” Wong said. He also stated he didn’t know the group was coming, and that he had a responsibility as the rector to protect his church. “I just don’t want to create an incident where the basilica will be violated.” Pacheco says he doesn’t recall Wong stating that if the people praying turned around to face the parade, they could stay. “Maybe he said that to me and it didn’t register. … I would have been very happy to do it. … It’s just a big misunderstanding.” People had asked Pacheco what to do, and he advised that they initially start the rosary with their backs turned to the march “because we didn’t know what was coming” as far as nudity or scandalous conduct. “It was really more protection to the women who came and joined us as well. It’s a difficult place to be.” Pacheco says he understands why Wong did what he did. “He has an obligation to try and protect the parish, and it’s one of the reasons I acted the way I did. … At the end of the day, God’s going to reward obedience, I think.”

Again, I don’t ever recall Fr. Wong ever suggesting to us, just to turn around.  That would have been easy enough to do, and goes against the whole discussion we were having.  Besides, weren’t there going to be hundreds and thousands of people on the streets, where we would barely be noticed?

Wong told LifeSiteNews he is going to make recommendations to the city to change both the route and the time of the Capital Pride parade next year.

Well, at least that was a bonus.  But the fact that we capitulated the first time around, we ceded the pavement to them. It’s gonna be all that harder to regain it…..unless….drum roll please….we fight for it.  They are not just going to give it to us.   If you were them, would you?  Hell no you wouldn’t.   This is the consequence of being the Church of non-confrontation, a church of capitulation.

One thought on “Faithful Catholics witness at Ottawa Pride while Catholic parish marches

  1. This is right out of The Book Of Revelation.Wake up politically to extend our grace,instead of converting to the morals of Secular Humanism.

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