Faithful Catholics Blocked Out, Liberal Catholics Running Roughshod in the Dioceses

Remember when Michael Voris was banned from Scranton?

Yep, I remember that sad episode.

And, of course, there is a perfectly good explanation for it too.

Don’t worry, when our kids take over, you can bet that we might forgive but we won’t forget.

Under our watch, we’ll bring back Camelot and it will be a cold day in hell before another liberal is appointed bishop ever again until the end of the world. We’ve got their number.  Payback is coming.

Oh and by the way, the Inquisition for doctrinal orthodoxy will be reinstated too…and we really won’t get spooked that the world is spooked about it.  We couldn’t care less.  Frankly, if you’re not Catholic, get out.  If you won’t go, we’ll help you out.

Tick tock. Tick tock.

Repent and do your job, your Grace, because the days of your legacy are coming to an end.  Don’t be remembered as part of the problem but the solution.

Start defending the Faith instead of the Filth.

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