Faithful Catholics are Now “Busybodies”

Pavel Reid, the archdiocese director for “life, marriage and family,” says the pope’s remarks about Catholics’ “obsession” with individual moral issues follows the example set by Jesus’s apostle, Paul, who “went after busybodies … people who spend too much time minding other people’s business.”…As Reid read through letters from anguished Catholics, he reaffirmed it’s been extremely “not helpful” for the Vatican to label homosexuality a “disorder.” (Source)

The official church and its talking heads are doing the unofficial apostasy.

My goodness, can it get any worse?  You betcha.

Here comes everybody.  The grime of the Church which has been suppressed all these years is now starting to float to the top.  I think we are starting to see just how low the Church and the Papacy can sink without officially declaring error.  Wow.  It is scary to watch.

Did anyone actually believe that the results of this survey would be anything but an attack on the Church’s solemn teaching on marriage?  Pulease.  Who ever thought it up knew exactly what they were doing.  For the 10% of the people who have a legitimate gripe, the other 90% take it as an opportunity to unload.  C’mon, we all saw this coming…or at least should have.

With an archdiocesan “director for life, marriage, and family” like this, you might as well flick the switch of the firewall and keep your kids indoors.

Pray for the Church and the Pope.  They need prayers now more than ever.

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