Fade to Black

Well, folks, I’m not sure if you have been following the news lately, but if you oppose abortion or homosexuality in the near future, you are going to have a hard time making a living or leading much of anything at all these days.  I see the GSAs are in full swing too, at Catholic schools.

The noose around our necks is starting to tighten. That is just the reality of staying true to Jesus and his Church these days.

And what has been our leadership’s reaction?  In a word, capitulation.  It was capitulation on the GSAs in Catholic schools.  And now it’s basically capitulation with Justin Trudeau.  Oh sure, there will be the obligatory letter of “concern” , maybe even a little bit of condemnation.  But, let us all be realistic, folks, in a few weeks, it will all blow over.   It will be business as usual.  Justin will go back to being a “devout” Catholic and receive Communion….sitting in the front row of the Church no less, while the homosexual bulldozer will tighten its grip and squeeze out any remaining dissent from its agenda.

It’s as plain a day, and yet we are, as a Church, in a kind of denial.  This denial is a kind of sickness.  In particular, it’s the sickness against the Cross.  We don’t want pain or confrontation.  So we raise our objections diplomatically, but do not risk anything that would cause our current situation to change or put it at risk.  At the heart of this sickness is a lack of Faith.

And so we go on.  Controversy after controversy which chips away at our freedoms…until one day….there is one less blogger blogging; one less Faithful teacher teaching; one less pro-life politician.

Fade to black…without even a fight.

We don’t even have the guts to tell pro-abort politicians that they are not Catholic…we don’t even have that consolation.  They’ve even taken over our name and identity.

Pro-Choice Catholic.  Gay and Proud Catholic.  The new identity. The new reality.


7 thoughts on “Fade to Black

  1. JMJ

    It is fascinating, sociologically, to watch Canada race headlong, according to the elitist/progressive agenda, towards their nihilist, humanist, secularist, perverted, destructive goals. We really are blessed, so far that is, here in the US, to have a system that does not allow such ruthless, heavy handed government nonsense.

    We pray for the love of the Holy Ghost to inspire each of us to pray and fight the government perversions.

  2. Who is Justin Trudeau’s pastor?

    In the parish I attend a universal salvation is implied – there is no teaching on sin, judgment, hell, and the need for repentance and Confession.

  3. When the Christian worldview is considered unconstitutional in Government, Law, Education ,and Secularism constitutional by the so-called neutral Secular Western Leaders etc.,you end up with totalitarianism called Political Correction. This is legalized and imposed as human rights on everyone starting with Kindergarteners. Those who don’t comply with this democratic State Worldview or Religion are ostracized. The political apathy and indifference of our society has caused this. Politics is overwhelmingly important for every righteous democratic citizen to be involved in, or your Christianity is a masquerade, because you allow evil to politically prosper. You are accountable for this.To elect people to rule you and your families, and don’t hold them accountable is diabolical. I hope more good people organize politically to change this.

  4. It’s fine that you don’t believe in abortion or don’t believe in same-sex marriage.

    It’s not fine that you try to impose this belief on the rest of society by outlawing these things! You don’t have any more right to tell an Anglican Church that they can’t marry same sex couples than they have to tell your Church that you must perform these marriages as long as you’re in the “marriage business.”

    Regarding abortion, not everybody believes that life begins at conception! This is a parochial Catholic teaching!

    • The majority of the former Christian Democratic Western Civilization decreed Christianity Unconstitutional;in Government,Law and Education starting in 1962.They decreed that “neutral” Secularism with it’s living tree evolving society interpretation their “New” State Sanctioned,and Constitutional Worldview-Religion. No-fault divorce they legalized along with abortion the killing of children in their mothers wombs,sodomy,poronography,so-called neutral governmental secular promiscuous sex education which normalizes homosexuality using adult school teachers,Planned Parenthood and homosexual activists,as neutral secular human rights.Euthanasia is legalized making healing doctors killers.What will our democratic voting public allow their elected representatives to Legislate next?Constantine Caesar of Rome converted to Christianity about the year 307,and Christianity became The State Sanctioned World View.Before this Christians were marginalized ,humiliated and murdered by government decree.Our Clergy know this,and the majority have accepted the New Western Worldview Of “neutral”Secularism which is indoctrinating our children in their schools in so-called “neutral” Secular Scientific Sexology,and values.This did not happen in a political vacuum,but right before everyone.What kind of policies do you the majority elect to rule you and your children? What kind of clergy do people who desire Liberal leader Justin Trudeau’s,and Western Civilizations so-called “neutral” Secular political policies deserve ? So-called “neutral” Secularism is not neutral and is morally corrupting our society starting in our schools with Kindergarteners.I have seen little boys and girls traumatized by adults in schools teaching promiscuous secular scientific sexology, come home to their parents and ask them to stop this evil indoctrination.The majority of Western Democratic voting Parents and Clergy refuse to help them,because they have faith in their so-called “neutral” Secular Religion to solve all their life’s problems.The only thing so-called neutral Secularism and it’s tenets does is make matters worse.When objective thinking is decreed a crime there can only be a civilization of so-called “neutral” Politically Correct liars of both sexes,where everybody swallows each others lies whole,and never asks a question of any sort about anything for fear of breaking the laws of enforced so-called “neutral” Politically Correct Ideology.Rotten so-called “neutral” Seculars are imposing their beliefs on my children and grandchildren in schools, as so-called Neutral Secular human rights,using adult school teachers,Planned Parenthood and homosexual activists.It is my job and my elected representatives to protect my children from being corrupted in schools by adults,including ones who call themselves Secular Christians,and go to so-called “neutral” Secular Christian Churches.

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