Faces Going By

Life Chain on one of the the corners of
Merivale & Meadowlands in Ottawa.
The Faithful came out in respectable numbers
despite poor weather. Hundreds of thousands participated across North America.


[Cue Louis Armstrong]

“…the colours of the rainbow, so pretty in the sky Are also on the faces of people going by I see friends shakin’ hands, sayin’ “How do you do?” They’re really saying “I love you” “

[Cue Sound of Record being Scratched]

Well not quite. The faces of people going by are not always so pretty. During yesterday’s Life Chain, the faces can get down right ugly. The number of supportive faces is certainly encouraging to see, and they seem to be growing each year, but there are still many opponents.
Let’s me describe some of these faces in the cars as they drive by….

1) Face 1: The “Ignoring You” Look. This is the look of the person who stares ahead as if you did not exist. Of course, she knows that you are there. And she knows that you know that she knows that you are there. She just doesn’t want to look at the sign again. It’s just too damn painful, like a sword piercing her soul. She knows it’s true deep down, but the culture has basically cut off any reconsideration for her. She has made her lot and now seems intent on letting things be as they are. No need to upset the apple cart. No need to question the holocaust. Must keep things as they are, and understand the whole question in nice little political jingles like “freedom of choice” and the like. Comfortable. Sterile. And Neat. Let’s not complicate things with personalizing the product of conception.

2) Face 2: The “Get me the hell out of here” Look. She didn’t have the good fortune to catch that green light like her friend, Face 1. Now she’s stopped at the red light. She saw us from a fair distance away and she can’t even bring herself to look one time. Her facial expresssion screams “Get me out. Get me out. Why is this stupid light taking so long to turn green!” She twitches nervously, trying to look all natural, but her whole look gives her away. And so does the acceleration of her car as she speeds away through the intersection and away from an uncomfortable situation. Thank God Walmart is still open. It will help take her mind off of those disturbing people…

3) Face 3: The “Body Language” Look: This one’s a multiple choice:

a) The Middle Index Finger (usually the gentleman in the car avails himself of this choice)
b) The Crossed Arms Pose (traveller on the passenger side uses this one)
c) The Head Shaker (anyone in the car)

4) Face 4: The Contemptuous Laugh. Are these guys, serious? Snort. Can you imagine someone wanting to actually put limits on my sex life? Hell no! What’s a little pain for the fetus anyway? I want to keep my meaningless sex life going and abortion is my insurance policy just in case the unthinkable happens. After all, someone should die so I can life the way I wish. Someone should explain Democracy 101 to these medievals.

5) Face 5: The Shrill Scream. “Pro-Choice! Pro-Abortion! We’re not going back to coat hanger days! Thousands of women dying in back alley abortion!” And other intelligent comments. Sidenote to the gullible: the guy responsible for the “thousands of women dying in back alley abortions” was a man named Bernard Nathanson, the most prominent abortionist in the U.S. when abortion legislation was being passed. He admitted after converting to the Catholic faith that he and his collaborators LIED about those numbers to sway public opinion. That’s right, he admitted he made them up.)

6) Face 6: The “What the hell is this?” Look. The clueless in our culture who still don’t think abortion kills innocent human babies. The only way I can explain this look is to compare it to the wilfully blind when they appear before the judgement seat of Christ and find out that a) Yes, Virginia, there really is a God b) Yes, there is a judgement and c) No, you won’t be staying long up here.

7) Face 7: The “FU with honking option”. This is the response of those citizens who want to make a short, direct appeal without too much explanation or confusion. Needless to say that these particular drivers want to ensure that abortion stays legal at all costs, lest, if it is overturned, they would be forced to share their rhetorical abilities to bring it back.

One thought on “Faces Going By

  1. Yep. Pretty good rundown.

    There was a bit more hostility this year on my corner (St-Laurent and Montreal), but LOTS of car honking. Almost non-stop.

    It’s usually men who get hostile.

    I think the pro-life side is winning a bit more momentum.

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