Facebook the Facts on what abortion is

Received the note below in my mailbox this morning.  Since the unborn are shut out of the national political discussion, we need to bring the discussion back into focus. Check out this fine attempt to do so:

Hey everyone,

Here’s the plan.

Below are the main pages of federal political parties, all of whom are bandying about various “censorship” accusations at one another. “Like” their pages, and then try to start discussing abortion on any Wall links that have long conversations going. Provide links to unmaskingchoice.ca and other graphic pro-life videos and websites. Hereistheblood.com is also a good one. They have been removing these comments and links for some time, but they’re missing quite a few now and there are abortion graphics and discussions taking place on these federal pages. Tweeting at the parties and their leaders about censorship is also a good idea. Lets see if we can insert abortion into the national discussion!




Green Party

Conservative Party

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