Ex-Playboy producer surrendered to God

…Despite the high pay and travel opportunities he had, Pauling insists there is truly no glamour in the porn industry. He talked about the guilt deep inside from the fantasy world he portrayed to potential models and the use of sex in a way God did not mean it to be used. 

“They’re all daddy’s little girl,” he said. “No one wants to do that in their right mind.”…(Source)

That’s absolutely right.  That woman is someone’s daughter, someone’s sister, someone’s mother, someone’s friend.

For all of the advancement of “women’s rights” in the twentieth century, there hasn’t been much true advancement. There’s been lots of marketing and lying and euphemisms about “women’s rights”. There’s lots of talk about women’s rights.

But none of that means women are more fulfilled or happier, treated with more dignity, or valued and esteemed.  Actually, it’s the exact opposite.

The culture and most women have bought into a finely packaged scam.

It’s time for true liberation which is a liberation from sin and degradation and an attack on, as John Paul II said, the “feminine genius.”

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