Ex-Nun, Now Officially Apostate Formed Young Catholics

Believe it or not, this radically unorthodox ex-nun was head of Religion and Chaplaincy at Monsignor Johnson High School in Etobicoke, Ontario.  Moreover, she reveals in her biography that she developed high school curriculum for the Catholic school Board and even for the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops. She sat as an executive on the Catholic teachers union and was hired by the Faculty of Education at York University to teach theology to teachers working in the Catholic School Board. (Source)

Sure explains a lot concerning “Catholic” education in the publicly-funded system.

Where are the bishops?  Oh wait, I know. They are being led around Haiti by the feminists while the apostates and anti-Catholic radical feminists decimate our schools and ravage our children.

There’s going to be a lot of sobering up on the Day of Judgement.  Then again, the late Cardinal Ambrozic had a colourful epithet for womyn like Manning:

Manning, the 63-year-old former nun who became a teacher, a mother, a writer, a feminist and an indefatigable social activist, has been called “the scourge of popes and patriarchs.” It is an appropriate tag for a woman who takes her theology seriously and refuses to shut up when told to do so by members of the old boys’ club. (Which perhaps explains why Toronto’s conservative Cardinal Ambrozic once referred to her in a magazine interview as a “bitch”.). (Source)

Too bad the Ontario Bishops’ education committee didn’t clue in to Ambrozic’s colourful description about the substance of what was wrong with Manning.

The bishops of the Canadian church are a reflection of lost fatherhood in our culture.  It’s all just sick and sad.

2 thoughts on “Ex-Nun, Now Officially Apostate Formed Young Catholics

  1. No he didn’t. His remark that someone would “sick the bitch” on him was taken totally out of context and was not about Joanna Manning, although I believe she claimed it was.

    As a matter of fact, I met Joanna years ago and thought she was a very nice woman, albeit with some odd friends.

  2. Joanna Manning, thank God, has done what she should have done years’ ago. Joannna waited until she did as much damage to our children, Catholic organizationa, and the Church before getting out.

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