Evolution: Fact or Religion

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The truth about our origins has not yet been fully revealed.

It’s probably somewhere near this truth:  an Old Earth and a “Young” Adam and Eve, with no death among the living creatures years before Adam’s creation.  From what I have read, the actual scientific evidence (unpolluted by the dogmatic assumptions of the religion of Evolution) can fit this model.

Remember this principle:  only life can beget life.  Life cannot come from non-life.

One thought on “Evolution: Fact or Religion

  1. Remember the scientific establishment of the sixties fighting the idea that there was a beginning to the universe – the big bang as it was dubbed. The establishment wanted the steady state model – but the accumulating observations eventually demolished them.

    Now the establishment want us to believe that life began spontaneously by chance, and yet, with all our modern knowledge and resources, we have been totally unable to create the most primitive lifeform – we can only modify existing lifeforms.

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