Evidence shows that euthanasia never limited to just “exceptional cases”

Around the world, eligibility rules are highly subjective. The criterion of having six months to live, for example, depends on the subjective diagnosis of a doctor. In Oregon, Jeannette Hall was approved for assisted suicide. She has since recovered her health and outlived her diagnosis by 13 years.
Still, advocates push for the removal of remaining limitations. Their success in the Netherlands has resulted in the legal killing of babies and the mentally ill. For the first time, in 2013, a woman was killed who was afraid of going blind. In Oregon, arguments are being made to open eligibility for assisted suicide to anyone who is merely old.

The report expresses concern that the proposed law in Quebec has loose criteria from the outset.


“The lack of solid criteria is really shocking. Quebec is starting out not far from where the Netherlands is today, allowing euthanasia for ‘psychological pain,’” says Derek Miedema, the report author. (Source)


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