“Every woman was crying…”

A prayer volunteer in Hackensack posted a note on the 40 Days for Life blog about her first time praying in front of the abortion center.

“I didn’t get there early enough to see the customers arriving, but I was there when they were exiting,” she said. “Every woman was crying. Every one. I was not prepared for that. And this is ‘women’s rights’?”

She had another profoundly sad realization as well. “Every woman was brought in by a man. The parking lot was full of men pacing, smoking or sitting in their cars. For every abortion, there is a man — a father — presiding over the death of his child.”

She recalled the TV shows of years ago, where nervous fathers paced in hospital waiting rooms, reacting with joy when the nurse came in to say, “It’s a girl!” or “It’s a boy!”

“What a contrast to this scene,” she said, “where all these men were waiting to hear one thing: ‘It’s over,’ which is followed by taking a weeping woman home. God have mercy.” (Source)

But doesn’t that just say it all?  Abortion is not about women’s rights. It’s about a very small number of feminists who have sold out to the culture of death and permitted men to dictate to women what their “choice” will be.  That’s the ugly truth of it.

Abortion is not about “women’s rights”.  It’s about the domination of women by perverse people.

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