Even when the murderers plead guilty, liberal media still skirts real issue of Islamic extremism

Snuffed out at 16 years old

Aqsa Parvez, snuffed out at only 16 years old

Today we were reminded of a tragic episode whereby a Muslim father living in Mississauga killed his 16-year-old daughter in 2007 with the help of his son.  The father and son pleaded guilty to second-degree murder today.  They will be sentenced to life in prison, although I don’t know if they’ll be eligible for parole.

May her soul rest in God’s arms.

Why did they kill her?  Simply because she wasn’t abiding by some of the extreme practices of the Islamic faith. She didn’t want to wear the hijab.  She liked Western clothing.  She was looking for a part-time job. She ran away from home a couple of times. This behaviour was “causing the family embarrassment”, as the murderous brother admitted.

Another brother who wasn’t involved in the killing told the police that he didn’t think his sister deserved to die, “but if it was his daughter, he might have broken her legs.”  That’s real big of you, bro.  Give this guy a Nobel Peace Prize.

An important part of any murder is the motive.  Yet if you read the Globe and Mail’s report, you’d be missing an important part of the story.  You see, the good ‘ol non-judgmentalists at the Globe forgot to mention that the family was Muslim.  In fact, the words “Muslim”, “Islam” or “religion” are nowhere to be found in their article.  Not a peep.  Must be that whole “live and let live” thing, whereby we don’t judge other people’s beliefs (unless they’re Catholic). Of course, they throw you a few hints, such as mentioning the hijab and the fact that the dad’s name was Muhammad.  But no mention of religion as part of the motive.  Yet that’s what this whole thing boils down to, Islamic extremism.

If you read the account at the National Post, they’re more upfront about the facts:

Parvez’s murder gained international attention after classmates at Applewood Heights Secondary School claimed that the girl had clashed with her devout Muslim family about her refusal to wear traditional clothes, including the hijab — the Islamic headscarf worn by some Muslim women.(Source)

Well done.  Now that wasn’t so hard, was it?

Let’s not dodge the issue.  This was an old-fashioned “honour killing”.  Period. Islamic extremism is a real problem.  It’s not just about terrorists blowing up skyscrapers or wearing explosives in their pants.  It’s about a value system that has trouble interacting peacefully with people of opposite views.  Don’t take my word for it.  Listen to the inconsolable mother of the 16-year-old, who is from Pakistan:

In those interviews, police asked the mother if this happens often in Pakistan. She responded, “over there murders take place because of girls. Men kill them.” (Source)

Looks like they’ve brought their habits to Canada.

After the girl was buried, some Canadian Muslim women lamented the fact that the usual women’s rights groups were silent about the issue.  The Left won’t touch these issues with a 10-foot pole, except in Quebec, where they are extremely sensitive about preserving their own culture.  For once, I think Quebec nationalism has done something right. As for the rest of Canada, it’s up to Christians (again) to point out the obvious and work to fix the problem.

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