Even the CBC admits museum is reeling over sex-hibition; time to finish it off

It’s time to move in for the kill.

Even the CBC, of all people, is reporting on the public furor over the sex-hibition at the Museum of Science and Technology. Check it out:

Canada’s Science and Technology Museum in Ottawa has raised the age limit for admission to a controversial sex exhibit after dozens of complaints about the content.

As well, animated video informing children about masturbation has been removed.

The moves followed complaints about the exhibit called Sex: A Tell-All Exhibition.

“The museum has received a higher-than-expected amount of expressions of concerns from the public,” spokesman Yves St-Onge told Reuters. (Source)

Reuters? Good grief! You mean the whole world now knows about this? They must think Canadians are a bunch of pervs!

Heritage Minister James Moore spoke out against the exhibit during Question Period, but his spokesman went even further:

Moore’s spokesman, James Maunder, had earlier said the purpose of the Museum of Science and Technology is to foster scientific and technological literacy.

“It is clear this exhibit does not fit within that mandate,” Maunder told CBC News. “Its content cannot be defended, and is insulting to taxpayers.”

My sentiments exactly.

I even saw CBC covering it on TV this evening! Clearly we’ve rocked the boat big time. Give credit to the Ottawa Sun for doing an excellent article on it yesterday, from which I drew inspiration for my complaint to the government.

For those of you that haven’t complained yet, give yourself the satisfaction of dealing the fatal blow. My earlier post gives you the email addresses you need.

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