Even radical feminists repent…

A Catholic Woman’s Journey with Contraception.

The Catholic Church remains, as she has always been throughout her history, the greatest defender of women’s true dignity and “feminine genius”.

That’s why most of our saints are women.  From the most humble and pious and simple to the most brilliant…and everywhere in between.

The magic pill was a sham and trick to destroy women and their liberty in Christ.  The Catholic Church called it for what it was. She was maligned and laughed at, but She took the hit and persevered in that teaching when almost all the non-Catholic Churches caved on the question.  Everything she said would happen, happened.

But, in the end, She was right. She’s always right when it counts.

Contraception breaks ALL of the Ten Commandments. Everyone single one of them. But it breaks the Commandment against lying, first, before it breaks any Commandment.

Contraception is the BIGGEST LIE since the Garden.  It lies in what it promises and it lies to us when the language of sex is consummated.

St. Ann, most holy Grandmother and Mother of the Immaculate Conception, pray for us who have recourse to thee!

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