Even in the case of rape, woman regrets abortion

I just read the poignant story of an American woman named Lee who was raped by her boyfriend when he forced himself upon her.  Despite the fact that the child was conceived by rape, Lee still bitterly regrets her abortion and experiences horrible emotional pain.  She also describes the physical pain of the abortion procedure, which is often overlooked.

I feel great sympathy for Lee and all women who experience pain because of abortion.  As I read her story, however, it became very clear to me that the men in her life were extreme cowards and pressured her into the abortion.  This isn’t uncommon.  Such men are a disgrace to the male gender and express the exact opposite of what it means to be a man.

After the rape, Lee understandably broke up with her boyfriend.  When she later discovered that she was pregnant, she approached him for help but he insisted that she have an abortion:

Basically, he told me it (being pregnant and our baby) “wasn’t his problem” and for me to “find a way to take care of it.” Again, “it” meaning Sarge didn’t want anything to do with our unborn baby.

Fourteen years, and much counseling, prayer, and tears, later, I’ve long since forgiven what Sarge did to me. But I cannot forgive the pain, humiliation and dishonor he deliberately did to me; abandoning me when I needed him the most.
I can understand not want to be with me — because of the countless fights, tears, and lies, concerning his numerous acts of being unfaithful — but to not want anything to do with his own unborn child – his own baby — to this very day, this is almost unspeakable.

But wait, it gets worse.  Lee had since found a new boyfriend.  Upon learning about the pregnancy, the new boyfriend also pressured Lee to abort:

My boyfriend, at the time, knew about what Sarge did, and over a few weeks time, he made it clear, in so many subtle, and not so subtle, ways, that he did not feel comfortable, nor want to raise another man’s child. Especially a child conceived and born as a result of rape.

So… we talked, we fought, we cried. I pleaded. But (now ex-boyfriend many years later) would not back down from his stance. These were his feelings, his wants, and if I wanted to stay with him, and work things out, this is the way things were going to be.

Another spineless coward.

Read Lee’s full story here.

So much suffering is inflicted upon women by monkey’s like these.

To all you men out there: sex is not a game.  It’s a beautiful thing, but it can have life-changing consequences.  That’s why it only makes sense in the context of a life-long permanent commitment between a man and a woman who are mature enough to deal with the consequences.

2 thoughts on “Even in the case of rape, woman regrets abortion

  1. Men have an incredible amount of influence on a woman’s behaviour, especially when she’s pregnant. When a woman is pregnant, she is at her most vulnerable point. That’s why so many women abort when the guy tells her to– she does not want to go at it alone. Any woman can tell you that. It’s hard enough being pregnant. It’s harder not knowing what the future will bring. It’s extremely daunting when you think you’re going to go at it alone, no matter what your background is.

    I suspect that men sometimes think they have no influence on “women’s issues” because feminists marginalize them. They may not have that ideological clout. But “on the ground”, men have a huge influence. I don’t think they realize it.

  2. Suzanne,
    That’s very insightful. Would you like to write a blog post on that topic? We would gladly reproduce it here.

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