Evangelizing the Catholic Church’s Institutions

Catholic Relief Services has announced that it is revising one of its documents on HIV prevention.

“CRS does not purchase, promote or distribute condoms, nor do we provide funding to other organizations for the purchase, promotion or distribution of condoms,” the US bishops’ relief and development agency said in a statement. “LifeSite News recently made us aware of a document that did not conform to this position.”

“We continue to review all our publications and programs to ensure there is full compliance with this position,” the CRS statement continued. “We thank LifeSite News for pointing out this inconsistency, which will be corrected.”

Although the news agency has recently published articles critical of Catholic Relief Services, a search of its archives did not yield an article critical of a document on HIV prevention. In an August 27 editorial, Patrick Craine of LifeSite News noted that “we’ve taken pains to bring the concerns to the organization before going public, and even held the articles for weeks in some cases. We would much rather the issues be fixed, or the organization reformed, without the spotlight and controversy.” (Source)

Why is this important?  Is it news that another so-called Catholic social justice agency is promoting immoral and anti-Catholic activities?  No. That’s something to be expected today in AmChurch.

The real news is that, once again, the lapdog, mainstream Catholic Press simply refuses to get their hands dirty and report the truth, and instead it’s LifeSiteNews to the rescue to ferret out the weasels.  As for the lapdog press, they are too busy eulogizing dissenters whose legacy we are still trying to clean up after.

I wonder whether the Faithful – the real Faithful – who are responsible for exposing and cleaning out the stalls are going to be eulogized like the Shamans are today in the Church?  But who cares, in the end? Only Jesus and the truth matters.  Everything and everyone else who opposes the truth is like dust in the wind.  And everyone is going to get their just deserts, and faux human respect will mean and does mean nothing at all.

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