One thought on “Evangelization and Islam

  1. In “307” Roman Emperor Constantine converted to Christianity from Pagan Multiculturalism. Western schoolteachers led students in The Lord’s Prayer,and The Ten Commandments were on Government, Court and school Walls,and in the majorities hearts, and minds. In “1962” The United States Supreme Court declared The Lord’s Prayer, and The Ten Commandments unconstitutional, and the so-called “neutral” Secularism’s worldview/religion constitutional. The politicians could have reversed this by majority vote,but did not. This new worldview/religion of neutral Secularism with it’s morality, and law spread now like wildfire throughout Western Civilization, as the State Sanctioned Worldview/Religion.

    When dealing with Western Politically Secular Authority, one has to remember one is dealing with a conflicting religion/worldview. Secular morality is taught to Western Schoolchildren from innocent,impressionable Kindergarteners,thus indoctrinating them. Dr.Chris Kempling, his wife and children were name called,because Chris thought it diabolical to normalize perversions to impressionable schoolchildren, and adult teachers and homosexual activists recruiting schoolchildren in schools, as Secular human rights. Ruth Lobo was handcuffed behind her back by Secular law officers,and taken to jail in a paddy wagon,for holding up pictures of children taken out of the warmth of their mothers wombs and murdered.

    If you want to know about The Peace Of Islam buy and study The Koran. Mormonism The Quad.etc. The formerly Christian Democratic West is now Democratic Secular Pagan with the morality and law of Paganism. Only Political unity and winning the majority in Parliament can change this. It took William Wilberforce forty years to convince his Parliament. It took us from 2005-2008 to convince the Canadian Parliament to raise the age of sex consent in 2008,which was allowing consenting 14 year old’s to be legally exploited by sex trafficking predators, and pedophiles, as legalized Secular human rights.

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