Europe grapples with Muslim culture of female inferiority

We’ve all been appalled at the story of almost 100 women being assaulted and/or raped in Cologne this past New Year’s Eve by Muslims.

This article explains that this wasn’t an isolated incident. Europe has been under siege with what can genuinely be called a culture of rape among Muslim men immigrating to Europe. The article is very well documented with many links to other stories and studies. Well worth a read and some prayers.

Makes you wonder what’s in store for Canada with the rush to admit so many Muslims.

We repeat our point once again: not all belief systems are equal in terms of how they foster human rights and peace.

Only Christ can liberate sinful humans from their darkest tendencies.

One thought on “Europe grapples with Muslim culture of female inferiority

  1. When a Christian Civilization decreed Christianity Unconstitutional, and Secular Humanism Constitutional in Government,Law and Education starting in the 1960’s what did they expect? Some of the tenets of Secular Humanism are,no creator of the universe,no creation of man,and no moral absolutes.They have turned their backs on Lord JESUS Christ in government,law and education,and the majority is educated to continue doing so,from Kindergarten to University,by governmental decree.Scoundrels who legalize this morbidity are elected as representatives.Do you remember when school children in Western Civilization started their mornings with The Lord’s Prayer, because our leaders made Politically sure of it.Almost everyone is afraid of Secular Humanist authorities today,even the majority who call themselves Christian clergy remain politically indifferent,even though they were given a mandate not to prevent the children from coming to Our Lord Jesus Christ.When the majority welcomes a new religion-worldview as constitutional it also accepts the consequences brought on by their elected secular representatives.In democracies one cannot blame our Triune God while electing rotters who legislate evil. Secular Christian is an Oxymoron.We need to take our countries back by educating Christians not to be double minded,because they cannot successfully serve Lord Jesus and the worldview of Barrabas at the same time.

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