Eucharistic Procession in Montreal with 4 Bishops!


Bring this to Ottawa at the March for Life!

The Church Militant is arising. Praised be to God. You’ll notice that three of those bishops are Ouellet Bishops and one of them is a partial convert from the Social Justice religion.

Canada is now awakening from its slumber…and one day soon, it will really suck to be a pro-abort again!

It’s all about de-normalizing abortion and silencing through shame those who advance its murderous legacy.

Believe it.  Canada is turning pro-life.

3 thoughts on “Eucharistic Procession in Montreal with 4 Bishops!

  1. my former priest now Bishop Thomas Dowd led this. Over 300 young people… yes… young people participating!

    Bye bye Carrdinal Turcotte , we hardly knew ya!

    BTW, Bishop Dowd wrote this 7 years ago at the height of Canada’s so called same sex “marriage” debate (if you could call Paul Martin Gilles Duceppe and Jack Layton ramming it through parliament the way the did ‘debate”) I told Fr. Tom as he was then known that i saw the episcopacy in his future… Today, I might go so far as to say he might be Papabile one day.

  2. Bishop Tom Dowd is Canada’s version of Fr Robert Barron! What he’ll do is ease you an intellectual debate and simply blow you out of the water while remaining chill and calm…

  3. Awesome. Comparing Tom Dowd to Fr. Robert Barron is high praise. Fr. Barron is my favourite evangelist right now. I get his Word on Fire videos emailed to me.

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