3 thoughts on “Estimated 1 Million + March in Paris Against Gay ‘marriage’ Plans

  1. Canadian people seem to be the most easily politically lead into legalizing and normalizing morbidity, even to innocent schoolchildren;thus searing their consciences.

    The CBC, the rest of the Canadian ,US and European,popular media moguls also want Russia to legalize, and thus normalize this morbid lifestyle,even to innocent, impressionable children.

    The Russian President Vladimir Putin is telling them to leave the children alone, because he does not want Russian Gay, and Lesbian educators to form clubs,and recruit innocent impressionable Russian schoolchildren into unhealthy activity. In this I agree with him.

    Canadian and Western Politically Correct elected politicians with policies to legalize, and thus normalize homosexual behavior Pass Bills into law that everyone has to live by,even schoolchildren. When homosexual marriage is legalized as in Canada, many USA and European States ;then Western Human Rights Acts normalize this legalized morbid lifestyle, as a human right and social justice permitting adults by decree to recruit innocent, impressionable young schoolboys, and schoolgirls into unhealthy behavior,thus searing their consciences.

    This is what happens in democracies when 50%+1 of the voting pubic are too apathetic, and indifferent to give a damn about the consequences of allowing equally unconcerned politicians to rule over them. Please wake up and help us win this Political Culture War and, protect the children from unhealthy indoctrination ,by decree.

  2. First morbid Sodomy was legalized in Canada,then homosexual marriage. The Canadian Human Rights Act considers these legalized behaviors to be human rights. This was the plan all along of homosexual activists, their political and media friends, The C B C and Western Media Moguls. These extremely unhealthy lifestyles are normalized in Canada to innocent, impressionable schoolchildren as human rights and social justices,by adults.

    The argument goes some may be born this way ,so then Canadians ought to nurture the rest in schools to believe this to be normal behavior, as well. This is how Canada is indoctrinating schoolchildren today.

    Now elected politicians are raising the flag of Sodom and Gomorrah over City Halls. Political Apathy and Indifference on this issue is diabolical, my fellow Canadians. “Leave the children alone”, and stop indoctrinating them into believing unhealthy behavior is normal.

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