Establishment continues to insist that jihadism is our fault

“The wider radicalization in Belgium might have something to do with the field politics toward the Muslim community,” [historian Pieter] Van Ostaeyen said. “The fact that the number of people without a job in the Muslim community is rather high. And the fact that they perceive themselves as second-rank civilians.” (Source)

Politics towards Muslims, unemployment, and being perceived as second-rank. In other words, it’s our fault. That’s all their blinders will allow them to see. They just can’t bring themselves to admit that this is an ideological problem.

Go and ask those jihadists and they’ll tell you that it isn’t about politics or unemployment. They simply believe that infidels must be exterminated. Period. Create as many jobs as you like, it won’t make much difference. Europe is doomed until they get to the root of the issue.

One thought on “Establishment continues to insist that jihadism is our fault

  1. The Koran teaches the Peace Of Allah can only be established by imposing Islamic law. In the meanwhile Jizya (Koranic infidel tax) with public humiliation ought to be carried out.Any student of World War Two and The Holocaust interested in requiring hindsight must read “Mein Kampf”.Today Islam with the power of oil, after submission to the superior worldview of Christianity, can again entertain dreams of conquering and converting the entire Globe to Islam,with the help of the new Western Democratic State sanctioned Worldview/Religion of so-called “neutral” Secular Paganism in Government,Law,Education and Entertainment.In former Christian Democracies like O Canada the voters are politically responsible for the laws of the land,as the politicians you elect pass Bills into law that everyone has to live by. If you elect homosexualists and lesbians,what kind of laws do you think they will impose,even on Kindergarteners. These are the so-called neutral Secular Pagan Values of Democratic Secular Canada,along with the rest of Western Civilization,because children are indoctrinated in the tenets of so-called neutral Secularism from Kindergarten to University. It ought to be about time to shed your political apathy for Christ’s sake.

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