Eschewing the Cross

Commentary on the betrayal of the Ontario bishops here.

In case you missed it, you can read what I would have done here.

Sometimes I question whether I am too hard on the bishops.  And then just as I start to feel guilty about myself and go to Confession and confess that I’ve been too critical of them, another one of these episcopal jems gets shined.  And then I get all pee’d off again.

Believe it or not, I never really feel good about unloading on them from time to time.  It’s not a good thing.  If it persists, it can be lethal to your spiritual life and faith in the Church.  I have long tired of being a bad ass.  Sometimes, I just want to throw in the towel and walk away, let the whole thing go to hell, and sing sweet nothings in the ears of our bishops.

But I can’t do it because I’m a father and I can see what awaits my children and grandchildren:  it flows and the colour is red.

As a man and a father, I am bitterly disappointed with the cowardice of our bishops.  But when you’re more of a church politician and manager than you are a father, it explains much of what has happened over the past 40+ years.

Apart from the brutal persecution which is coming as sure as the sun rises, so too is the loss of credibility and trust we can put in these bishops.

You can thank the Winnipeg Statement for all of this.

6 thoughts on “Eschewing the Cross

  1. Your courage will have to compensate for their cowardice. That’s how the body of Christ works: when one person sins, he has to make up for it, and if he doesn’t someone else has to.

    I often feel like a single mom in this Church. I really do.

  2. OMG…martyrs everywhere! SUZANNE and Paycheck, holier than the Bishops and Cardinals.

    Isn’t this considered hubris? Is that not a sin?

  3. It is never a sin to tell the truth. Our leaders have kept their hands nice and clean, while the faithful laity are once more left to figure it all out for themselves and suffer the brunt. Cardinals wear red to signify their willingness to shed their blood for the flock if need be. I find this so similar to the sex abuse scandal, in that our clerics have chosen self preservation over defense of the flock.

  4. The betrayal of their office and defense of their flock (especially the children) is truly epic. Looking back at this whole GSA debate, I now believe we’ve just been naive. Why would our bishops start defending the Faith and their sheep now? The D&P scandal still hasn’t been resolved and this is the same group of guys in charge. Did we really believe that they suddenly found “Jesus”.

    An earlier post mentioned that we need to lose public funding so that we start over again with Catholic education. Given that these same bishops would be in charge, why do we believe our kids would be given an authentic Catholic education if that happened? Sure we’d lose all the leftie union-types, but it has always been the bishops in charge of the current Religious formation courses and it is all watered down mush. No sin, no purgatory, no hell…..Public money has nothing do with whether those things make it into the courses or not. I sure wouldn’t trust them with a new education system — they’ve got their own magisterium and it doesn’t look like the one from Rome. Until this group passes on, and we get a wholesale exchange of leaders we’ve got nothing to look forward to. The great tragedy are the souls that didn’t need to be lost and will be until that new group finally takes over.

    • I have seen some of the religion text books approved by the bishops for our Catholic schools in Ontario.

      I ask the question: are not the bishops concerned that the children are not getting a sound and proper catechetical education?

  5. I agree Paycheck, Real Catholic men cannot stay silent while the carnage goes on, it’s just not part of our nature,let us continue to stand up to the man ( Bishops) until the Battle is won or die trying. Catholic Husband and Father of two.

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