Équité-Famille: The French Front against SSM

Équité-Famille is looking to finance two very important projects. The first is to translate their very popular booklet on homosexuality into English from French. It is a quite expensive work (around $4 000). The book will be ready for November and distributed to several MPs to help them deepen their knowledge about homosexuality. The book brings recent scientific evidence that nobody was born homosexual, that homosexuality is not a fatality, that there is not more than 1 or 2% of the population in that condition, and that between 40 and 80% of those who seek help to quit homosexuality and reach heterosexuality have success. They are also preparing a one hour DVD in French about homosexuality. It should be ready within a year (October 2007). EF is looking for financial support to help them cover the costs of these two very worth projects.

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