Episcopal Dance with The Politicians Continues

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) – Illinois Catholic bishops are protesting Gov. Pat Quinn’s decision to present awards at a pro-choice group’s annual luncheon.

The six clerics released a statement Wednesday saying they regret the Democrat’s decision to reward abortion-rights supporters for “this terrible work.”

They also asked Catholic institutions not to give Quinn recognition at church functions. A spokeswoman says that does not include communion.

Quinn’s office issued a statement that the governor is going to the Personal PAC luncheon to award advocates for victims of sexual assault.

Terry Cosgrove of Personal PAC says Quinn is scheduled to present awards at the Nov. 17 luncheon in Chicago.

Cosgrove disagrees with the bishops and asked them to join in efforts to promote contraception and sex education that would lower the number of unwanted pregnancies (Sources)

 When the bishops get serious about Catholicism, then so will the politicians.

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