Entitled to your opinion…for a price

In the course of his interrogation, Mr. Levant also pointed out that the time and money Canada’s “human rights” pseudo-courts cost publishers has a broader “chilling effect” — on all the stories that will never see the light of day because at the back of some editor’s mind is the calculation of the cost of fending off Shirlene McGovern. And, at the end of this exchange, Agent McGovern, licensed to chill, looked blandly across the table and shrugged: “You’re entitled to your opinions, that’s for sure.”

No, sorry. That cliché is no longer operative in Canada. Today you’re only entitled to your opinions if Agent McGovern says you are — “for sure.” (Mark Shea)

 What was she thinking when she said that anyway?  Had she had a temporary brain hemorage or something?!  Duh.  No, Citizen McGovern, he is certainly NOT entitled to his opinions or else he wouldn’t be there.  As the Brits say, “Is she daft?”

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