Enforcing secularity in the Pro-Life Movement

Personally, the more I think about it, I believe that we must not alienate the non-Catholics. We are as one on the Hill and to have our Lord in Eucharist there would not only be disrespectful to the Eucharist it could also insight some very hard feelings,or even cause a riot . We have come so far in this fight and to jeopardize our unity would be a grave mistake…

Above is an email that I received about my push for having a Eucharistic procession and benediction on Parliament Hill.  While I certainly respect the idea of having all Christians and non-Christians alike join in the abortion battle, the idea that Catholics (or any Faith group, for that matter) have to somehow check their spirituality at the door is rooted in a false ecumenism.  Do not all Christians suffer from the complaint by the Secularists?  “Keep your religion out of politics.”  If we Christians reject this idea, then we should also reject the same principle when it applies to our intramural differences, as well.  It’s the same deadly logic that seeks to impose an artificial unity.   We, as Catholics, are on Parliament Hill principally because we are Catholic.  So why should we hide our distinct spirituality because it offends non-Catholics?  First of all, we’re 90-95% of the people who show up for the March for Life every year.  That alone makes this “you may give offense” charge, offensive in itself!  Secondly, no Catholic would feel offended if other Christians or non-Christians wanted to express the reason for their participation, either.   And remember, folks, I am not even suggesting having the Eucharistic event during the actual March itself.  Heaven forbid!  I am simply saying, “We Catholics brought abortion in to this country. We Catholics have to do our part to take it out, in our own way.”  I repeat: this is a spiritual battle which must be won in that realm, first, before it translates into sociological and political victory.

4 thoughts on “Enforcing secularity in the Pro-Life Movement

  1. “We Catholics brought abortion in to this country. We Catholics have to do our part to take it out, in our own way.”

    Precisely, until we recognize, repent of, and do penance for the betrayal of the unborn by so many Catholics (not only politicians and bishops, but the contracepting average joe in the pew and the lukewarm who don’t want to rock the boat), we’re just spinning our wheels.

  2. I don’t feel any shame in living out as best I can my desire to be totally Catholic
    in my prayer and activity in Pro-Life or anything for that matter, and people should know also that the word Catholic means “universal”.
    I can smell bad “logic” a mile away from its form, I will not allow this deceitful thread coming from you know who to perpetrate its ugly head through Gods people into why we should feel ashamed and not reveal our fullness of grattitude for The Real Presence of Jesus in His Most Holy Sacrament
    and Presence in His Eucharist. This is NONSENSE.!!!
    Also, if people “feel” alienated or bad, it is not from outside. Nothing form outside can have the
    power to do that, unless we are not living in Him.
    Only God has the ability to “make”us feel anything. We give blame and attribute things to things that are not the reason. Nothing from outside can defile only the heart needs to change, because that is where it originates from.
    Things can trigger our own insecurities, resentments, hurts and brokeness, but that is for us to see, as from God so we can ask Him to help us heal or change our attitude, what ever the case may be, and maybe if it is our hatred of ourselves and allowing things, we are not helpless victims, we need to stop “blaming” others ,and be accountable, and speak up in Truth. Love and Truth go together.

    No one is going to try to “make” me “feel” bad because they do not understand True Catholicism, and I must know where my responsibility ends and what is Gods, and let His Grace inform them while I pray and try my best to do what He says, and through the Intercession of Our Blessed Mother Mary.

    I have however time and time again, encountered this attitude from other shall we say less “zealous”
    Catholics (because I have been labelled that. and Praise God for it!!!), as well as other Christians.

    It is disheartening to say the least, but it comes from them, I am afraid to say, because there is
    still some darkness in their belief system, (even the fact that they are believing lies they have been brainwashed or taught about True Catholicism). I am not accountable for that and will not take responsibility, for that argument from the evil one. It is clearly from him as it is
    dark “logic”. He always twists something to confuse and divide, and we must see where He is at work. Whether people choose to continue to not seek Truth is tragic because when one settles for a hamburger with fries, when they can have a whole feast that is endless and by the way, what kind of God would not give His Children , Everything necessary for their salvation, including the promise of spending Blessed Eternity with Him and His , and our Blessed Mother Mary and all the Saints and Angels in Heaven as well as all those who have gone before us and run the Good race.
    We as Gods children should be aware of pride and how it seeks to divide anyway it can, and as I said the Catholics I know have always welcomed others to pray with them, unfortunately it is too often others who for some reason get tense around the Rosary or Catholic worship and devotion who decide that they do not want to
    join us and even admit that maybe, just maybe they might ask a question or two about who we do in fact worship and love Whom we love as Truth.

    I thank You and love and adore You Blessed Holy Trinity and Blessed Mother Mary, St. Joseph and all the Saints and Angels, and Will NEVER apologize or seek to water down what Priceless
    Gifts and Treasure, You have given to those who follow You in
    the Absolute Truth

    Your child forever
    Frances Wilkinson

  3. I was actually having similar thoughts re: What needs to be done in Quebec. I was thinking: we need a Eucharist March in Quebec City.

    I find it curious that we sometimes have spiritual thoughts in the same vein at the same time.

    I like the idea of having the Eucharistic Procession before the March, but there are logistical issues, like the fact that there is a Mass at St. Patrick’s at 10:00, and that Campaign Life would have to approve this.

    I would be afraid though that the pro-aborts would try to desecrate the host. I wouldn’t put it past them to assault the archbishop or whoever is leading and try to trample the host. I would just wanna die if that happened. I’m not saying this to discourage you. It’s just something to think about.

  4. Two things, Suzanne.

    #1 – Move the mass up from 10 to 9:30.

    #2 – Put real men around the Holy Eucharist as guards.

    None of these issues are impediments to doing it.

    The real impediment is our nerve when the media try to frame it like Catholics are taking over the debate and see “it’s all about religion”. Much as I disdain the tactic, I think we should give them what they want. Of course, the result will not be what they expect.

    The real challenge here is whether we’ve got the cajones to go through with it, despite the bigots’ cat calls.

    THAT and that alone is the real test.

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