Energy-saving bulbs tossed in trash, leaking mercury into environment

We warned our readers about CFL bulbs more than four years ago. According to a new report by CTV, 90% of these mercury-containing bulbs are ending up in landfills and leaking mercury into the environment. The government is now scrambling for a way to fix this.

Personally, I got rid of almost all my CFL bulbs a few years ago and stocked up on incandescents. Saving a few cents isn’t worth the hassle. Read the government’s instructions on how you’re supposed to clean up if one of those bulbs breaks. It happened to me once and it was a 3-hour nightmare to clean up the mess. Never again.

The government tries to reassure us that these bulbs are safe, but when you read the extensive cleaning instructions, you can’t help but wonder how unsafe these trinkets must be.

I guess nobody thought ahead as to what would happen when millions of these would start getting thrown in the trash. Now we know.

2 thoughts on “Energy-saving bulbs tossed in trash, leaking mercury into environment

  1. “Government isn’t the solution to the problem, government IS the problem!”

    — Ronald Reagan.

    How many times have liberal governments created solutions looking for problems? We knew banning incandescent bulbs was an extremely bad idea, but our moral and intellectual superiors in the elitist, collectivist government knew better, I suppose.

    Now we’re trying to tell these same batch of nincompoops how bad an idea it is to continue implementing their green-energy policy to combat the “problem” of climate change.

  2. Christless Paganism in former Christian democracies and inforsed perversion in the tenets of Christless Secularism is the cause of our civilizations breakdown,but few acknowledge this!

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