End of the Road for Publicly-Funded Catholic Education

After pressure from homosexual activists, a committee of the Halton Catholic District School Board voted Tuesday night to recommend the scrapping of a policy that required schools to be faithful to Church teaching in the area of homosexuality. In a 6-2 vote, the committee – composed of all nine trustees – recommended the rescinding of the current equity policy, which had won praise from pro-family groups, and replace it temporarily with a controversial Catholic template policy. The effort was launched by trustee Paul Marai, a homosexual activist elected in October, who was supported by lobby groups such as Egale and Change.org. “Does Egale now have more influence on the board’s teaching on morals than the Catholic bishops and the Catholic community?” asked Alissa Golob of Campaign Life Catholics.  “By voting to rescind their policy conforming to the Catholic Church’s teaching, the Halton board has voted to go against the faith, the teachings of the Church on homosexuality.”…(Source)

The thing about enemies of Christ and his Church is that if you don’t stand up to them, they run you over.  Now there has always been evil and there has always been opposition.  The reason they were not able to get their way in the past was because there was a much stronger force to meet them on the other side.  Where is that resistance now?  It’s about as strong as the Faith is.  Because there is no Faith, there is no resistance.

What will the bishop of Hamilton do?  Because that is the last line of defense.

Likely nothing…at least not anything that is proportional to the treachery of the so-called “Catholic” trustees.

I’ll tell you what I would do as bishop:  If the Board really wanted to wear rainbow sashes, I’d yank my support of the “Catholic” School board and ask the Board to kindly refrain from calling itself “Catholic”.  Then the shit would really hit the fan and everyone would figure out that maybe – just maybe, mind you – homosexuality really is a “big deal” to the bishop, after all.   And then, everyone would have to figure out which side of Jesus they want to place themselves on.  On His Right or with the goats.  Sometimes a clear line in the sand is better than all of this wobbly fromage we are used to being fed from our nuanced-drunken and stoned-silent leaders.

But that is not likely to happen.  In our times, a prostitute has a better appreciation of her self-worth and dignity than the vast majority of leaders in the Catholic Church.

The task now at hand is to abandon the last vestiges of “respectable” Catholicism which still hangs from the curtain polls of  official institutions, and begin again from the ground-up….like a missionary church.  Jesus did it with 12 men.  His Holy Spirit can raise us up again.

Pull your kids from the system.  Educate them at home, in co-ops, in private educational settings.   The writing’s on the wall anyway for publicly-funded schools, Catholic or otherwise.  This last move only cements it for publicly-funded Catholic education.  It’s finished.

On the positive side, this development might actually be a blessing to convince Catholic parents to pull the plug on publicly-funded education and work for a voucher system….and vote for it too.

3 thoughts on “End of the Road for Publicly-Funded Catholic Education

  1. The silence of the bishops on this issue is treachery in its own right. The template policy approved by the bishops for the school boards last year is so ambiguous you can basically do whatever you want in the schools. Our bishops have abandoned faithful Catholics to the whims of secular society and all the special interest groups that go along with it. We need to pray for them to receive the courage to be willing to suffer for the Faith. They simply (and sadly) have no stomach for the criticism that would follow if they actually proclaimed the teachings of the Church with boldness and clarity.

  2. This motion breaks the back of a Catholic school. How can it be called Catholic anymore? I don’t know what it is, but I wouldn’t want any part of it. Please pray for the Catholic bishops in Canada.

  3. For that matter of fact we should just pull kids out of Catholic separate schools (especially with that sad CCCB set of textbooks if they are used, though I was spared the displeaure of them thanks to private Catholic School). Send them to private ones like St. Michael’s College, St. Michael’s Choir, Holy Name of Mary in Missasauga for girls, the ones slated to open as part of Hearlds of the Gospel if they are not a cult like SSPX (and any I’ve failed to mention,) and just home school everyone.

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