Encouraging the Bishops to get their Act together…

A concerned reader has written for some advice on the upcoming special collections in the Archdiocese of Ottawa:

I was hoping to find out your thoughts about the special collection that will be taking place in the parishes this coming Sunday, World Mission Sunday.  The second collection will be for the evangelization of the nations, and ordinarily I do donate.  My wife is hesitant, though, because of what we know about the CCCB; if they’re the ones handling this collection, who knows what endeavours they will support?  Do you think there’s a danger in this case that some of the money collected will end up financing evil?

My recommendation is not to give anything to these special collections until the CCCB get their act together. One way to encourage them to get their act together is to withhold special donations like the ones you mentioned above. In lieu of donating to these particular collections, I would recommend donating to a worthy cause that does REAL evangelization.

My strategy is simple:  give to your parish’s regular collection (if it’s a good parish), give to the building fund (which will survive these days and be an inheritance for your children and grandchildren), but don’t give a single red cent to the Bishops of Canada unless you are absolutely certain that the funds given are going to causes not at variance with Catholic teaching. 

The bishops are either not on our side, or if they are, they have no control over where your money is going, or if they do, they are simply grossly negligent.

Those are the choices.

2 thoughts on “Encouraging the Bishops to get their Act together…

  1. Regular collections taken up by parishes are subject to a “tax” from the diocese. They take a percentage of the money raised in each parish in order to fund the diocese’s own expenses.

    In some places, we’ve learned that the bishops are using this tax to fund shortfalls in Development and Peace’s revenues. There’s a way around this, however. In many parishes, they have a building fund or a renovation/restoration fund. In some cases, donations to these special funds are exempted from the diocesan tax. The parish keeps 100% of donations. We should earmark our donations to these building funds by writing it on the envelope. Ask your parish priest for details.

  2. Thanks for this post. I hope it is widely disseminated.

    Absolutely no money from me is going to the Canadian Bishops. The fact that the “Winnipeg Statement” has still not been retracted astonishes me to no end. The moral collapse that this document caused in Canada over the past 4 decades is inestimable.

    Keep fighting SoCon.

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