Enabling U.S. Nuns

This story is not about the Nuns.

It’s about the hierarchy of the Church that just keeps deferring, enabling, and delaying.  This crap has been going on for DECADES and it just keeps circling around with more administrative shuffle and diplomatic mumbo jumbo.

When Dad enables and tolerates dissent, it’s just not going to stop.

Just cut the damn chord, already.  If some of them still have any sense of Faith left, then they will come back on their own.  Otherwise, this organization just represents a mockery of Jesus Christ.

And I am sick and tired of letting Jesus be mocked.  Enough is enough.

2 thoughts on “Enabling U.S. Nuns

  1. Thanks Jim,
    I hit the link and find out that the event is happening in my diocese, London that is. And at King’s, what a load of crap.
    Please pray for our diocese. King’s is on the same parcel of land as the diocesan offices and seminary and a stones throw from the bishops office. Please pray that someone has the gonads to start calling this stuff what it is, NEW AGE CRAP and let them know it isn’t welcome anymore!!!!

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