El Presidente of CUSA Speaks!

El Presidente of “Banana U.” known as the Carleton University Student Association, Mr. Shawn Menard, has responded to critics of the proposed motion to restrict funding for any pro-life group.

Below is his communication along with my own remarks in red.

ANTI-CHOICE MOTIONI also wanted to simply clarify some of the information that students hear about. Lately there have been a lot of posts on here talking about the issue of anti-choice groups on campus etc.

Uh, yeah. When you seek to muzzle dissent, ya kinda gotta expect people to be upset, especially in a setting that likes to pride itself on….on…on…what’s the word…oh yeah….tolerance.

First let me start by saying that this motion will be ammended to communicate more clearly its meaning.
Does that include spelling “amended” correctly, Shawn?

CUSA council has a motion in front of it that is speaking specifically to respecting a womans right to choose.

Choose what Shawn? Decapitation of unborn children?

The second part would only affect a club whose primary goal it is to re-criminalize abortion (anti-choice) and thereby taking the choice away from that woman. This will not affect religious groups at all, this will not affect “pro-life” groups who wish to have a debate.

My goodness! The nerve! To think that groups on campus would actually want to challenge the status quo on abortion. Next thing you know, they’ll be wanting to graduate from university and even start applying for influential jobs in government and academia that might actually affect the law. Oh, no, no, no. We can’t have that!

What it does do is re-affirm the legality of abortions (1988, section 7 charter of rights and freedoms, security of the person) and says that CUSA stands behind that law.

Yo, Shawn. You probably haven’t stepped out into the real world yet (at least I hope not because if you have, you really need to pay attention more), but I gotta let you in on a little secret: laws change. If they didn’t, then many things in Canada would still be criminalized. Under your silly rubric, none of the students pushing for the relaxation of laws on issues you think are Canada’s sacraments (like abortion) would never have seen the light of day back in the swingin’ sixties. Methinks that you would be singing a different tune if the shoe were on the other foot.

The question is basically asking if students feel comfortable giving their money to a group whose primary goal it is to re-criminalize abortion. Some students may say “I’m not comfortable giving my money to half of the clubs that CUSA operates” but the difference there is that anti-choice groups would be the ONLY club that seeks to change the law and simultaneously discriminates against a choice / a womans right to choose.

Well, that sure clears things up, Shawn.

So you are basically telling us that being “anti-choice” has a special category that you have created for special consideration, discrimination, and punishment.

This is not about any one club. Pro-life is a different concept than anti-choice. The motion speaks to allowing every individual the right to choose what they want (If they choose to seek out other options that is their own opinion and they should not be shunned for that).

This man is obviously a Math major. Can you follow this calculus?

CUSA space is limited to a very small amount in the unicentre and this would not BAN any group from campus as some have suggested. In fact, if there were a group who wanted to talk about pro-life stances and options such as adoption etc. the motion would allow that and I’d encourage those groups as it is intellectually stimulating.

Uh huh. So let me get this straight. You are all for allowing stimulating debate on points you can control and are largely cosmetic, but not on points that score against the pro-abortion position? Shawn, you need to get yourself into a course called “Cogency 101”.

Freedom of speech has become a hot topic in this debate so here it is: Any person/individual is entitled to their freedom of speech in and around CUSA spaces. However, whether or not students choose to enhance the message by funding those initiatives is very different. For example, (although totally different situations, it speaks well to the enhancement of messaging) would students choose to give funds to a racist group to enhance their message?

That’s the problem when you have a culture that is so screwed up, there, Shawn. Student fees used to fund programs that most students agreed on when Canada was Christian nation. In this day and age, with the fragmentation of morality in Canadian society, there is a polarization of what students want funded. As you, yourself, indicated above when you commented on the reaction of many students towards CUSA: “I’m not comfortable giving my money to half of the clubs that CUSA operates”. Do we want racist groups funded? Hell no. But we don’t want pro-abortion groups funded either. They both belong in the gutter, as far as we are concerned. Why not just take the advice of students and completely get out of the moral patronization game you and CUSA are into. That will work for everyone. Or better yet, let people decide where their CUSA fees go. That’ll sure clean up your difficulties, Shawn. Our money, our say.

This motion has sparked debate and has been very difficult for me to deal with as of late. There have been threats (both legal and to my life).
Legal threats? Should that be allowed? I mean, shouldn’t you get on your burro and transverse the country demanding these lawyers be quiet? Don’t they know that abortion is legal forever and ever AMEN?!

I am really looking forward to it being resolved. There is nothing illegal about this motion and in fact there is precedent in the country for similar policy (Memorial, U-Vic, Guelph).

Yes, we know. The beacons of tolerance, diversity, and free speech according to Josef Stalin used to spread like wild fire in other parts of the world too. Soon, we’ll all be free like the former Communist bloc countries were. After all, some of them did indeed have “Democratic” in their name. Isn’t that enough? What more could we ever possibly want?!

I hope this clears things up a bit.

It sure does, Shawn. I hope you succeed in your efforts. We’re much better underground anyway. It gives pro-life students more motivation. Keep pissing us off and you’ll see a reversal in the abortion law about a decade earlier than otherwise would have occurred.

Keep going, Shawn. You da man.


There’s a petition circulating to oppose the CUSA motion to ban pro-life groups. If you know any students from Carleton (or you’re a student at Carleton yourself) please contact Nicholas Mcleod nicholasmcleod@gmail.com and he will make sure you get to sign it. We need signatures by Tuesday.

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