Ed Peters Says, “We’re Asking For It”

Finally, as I have noted many times, canon lawyers (qua canon lawyers) do not enforce law, but they do explain it, often, to an audience that has no idea what it says. Some canon lawyers sign their names to their views, others laugh anonymously with journalists who seem primed and looking for more jibes at bishops. But it doesn’t change what the law says and, one of these days, my repeated calls for bishops to take in hand, say, Canons 1369 and 1373 will, Deo volente, be acted upon. Neumayr and his chuckling confreres should read those norms. Any Catholic who writes what Neumayr writes, and who proudly “apologize[s] for nothing”, and loudly proclaims that “the faithful have not only a right but a duty to resist heterodox [sic] bishops”, seems to be asking for it. + + + (Source)

Asking for what, Ed?  Discipline against Faithful Catholics who are calling out the BS?

Ha ha ha ha.  It is to laugh.

No sane bishop in their right mind is going to invoke Canon Law to impose discipline against lay Catholics who criticize derelict bishops.

Do you know why?  Because you would have an ecclesiastical civil war of epic proportions that has the potential of spiralling out of control.

Picture this:  ++Wuerl bringing down the hammer on Neumayr while giving Communion to Pelosi and Kerry.  How do you think that’s going to look, Ed?

This kind of “discipline” would require a face-to-face meeting between the two of them, which is highly unlikely to happpen.  It frankly takes cajones on the part of ++ Wuerl to engage.  And then would come the absurdity of the discussion about how Neumayr should cease and desist from being so nasty, while Neumayr will ask, with the rest of the thinking Church, “uh…and what are you going to do about Nancy, your Eminence?”

And that’s why folks, this meeting will never happen and why no disicpline will be enacted.  AmChurch doesn’t want to deal with Canon 915.  That’s why Ed’s threat is a pitiful joke.

The Catholic Church today is like the Wild West.  There might be some law on paper on the East Coast some where, but here in Dodge, there’s a different game in town entirely.

So, Ed, these stupid lawyer threats  of yours don’t scare anyone.

When the bishops get serious about applying Canon law against the REAL dissenters and mockers in the Church, then these other pseudo crimes you keep yammering on about will cease to exist.  And, do please stop seeking to be the Top Ecclesiastical Lapdog in the American Church.  It’s getting tiring…and so predictable.

p.s. You might not think much of Neumayr, Ed, but I can guarantee you one thing, ++ Wuerl is going to think twice about pulling this stunt again. And that, in the end, is a victory for our side, not the Lapdogs of AmChurch.

p.p.s. Oh, and Ed, go and read Blessed John Henry Newman, and get yourself an education about the necessity to resist derelict bishops.

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