Eco-Terrorism Coming, Forcing Abortions on Women

I’m hardly surprised about Diane Francis’ views. I remember a talk she gave at one of my courses when I was at Queen’s University.  She was really big on the environmental movement back then. I see that she’s kicked it up a notch by advocating for an enforced one-child policy.  It’s all about caring for women and families, you know. 

I have been calling out this global warming fraud for years now.  It’s all about population control.  It always was. It always will be.  There is no way this consumerist society is going to cut back on consumption. No. way. in. hell. So what is the next obvious way of reducing your “carbon footprint”?   Population control.  If you want to know how these green jackboots deal with the demographic crisis, you need to look no further than Euthanasia.

So they will advocate for killing unborn children. And they will ramp up their efforts to kill the elderly, sick, and dying to avert a demographic implosion because of the rapidly aging West.

Kill. Kill. Kill.

…for the sake of the environment and the economy.

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