Eco Religion Being Subverted by Dissenters; Big City Loser Can’t Handle It

I see that Smithers over at Big City Loser needs to keep propping up his religion by very desperate and immoral means.

While thousands of real scientists are finally denouncing the Global Warming Religion, the Prophet Gore and his followers keep plugging their ears and pretending that it doesn’t make any difference to their religion. Not one little bit.

And they call us Christians “religious fanatics”.

Meh.  At least our religion has survived for 2000 years, theirs is going to last about 5.

2 thoughts on “Eco Religion Being Subverted by Dissenters; Big City Loser Can’t Handle It

  1. why didn’t you mention in your post the original petetion, and how many of the names were obviously faked, thus rendering the petition’s legitimacy indeterminable? the whole story is too painful to accept, i suppose….


  2. Twelve thousand years ago the earth was at glacial temperatures. Ice cores reveal large climate swings can occur over a few years. Civilized humans have not yet experienced such events. The Younger Dryas, occurred about twelve thousand years ago.

    Cooling our climate to glacial temperatures over just a few years would severely disrupt globel food production. Countries far from the equator would be uninhabitable. The ice core record shows events like the Younger Dryas were the norm for the last 100,000 years. Extending the record back in time it appears that the peesent warm period is the longest one of the past 420,000 years. The surprising discovery that a high atmospheric level of carbon dioxide could prevent glaciation in the future as long it is not too high, of course. The modern Industrial Revolution will continue to maintain carbon dioxide levels well above the minimum threshold.

    Don’t you think it’s great that the era since the last glacial period has lasted this long ?

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