Eco Priests Demand One Child Policy

LONDON, June 12, 2008 ( – During a debate on the government’s climate change bill, a government MP gave high praise to the Chinese programs aimed at stopping population growth as an environmental measure. Barry Gardiner, the Labour MP for Brent North, praised the efforts of the communist Chinese government that have resulted in the loss of 400 million human beings, many of whom died by forced abortions.

Gardiner told the House of Commons on June 9, “Climate change is real. It is caused by human action,” and that the best way to stop it is to reduce the surplus human population.

“People are very keen to accuse China, as we have heard in this debate, over their coal-fired power stations. Such people fail to commend the political initiative that has seen 400 million people not being born to create a carbon footprint in the first place.”…

I’ve been sounding this alarm for years. The Eco Fraud could never do what it wants to do without a drastic attempt to control and own humanity.  That’s why “Global Warming” was a population ownership issue right from the beginning.  Think of it is as whole scale slavery where the elites actually own and regulate how many babies the slaves might have. And why?  So that we may all worship Mother Earth and give our due deference to the Sun and Moon gods.

China is not becoming more like the West. We’re becoming more like China.

Britain is one place I’m happy about immigration in one sense.  The Muslims won’t put up with that nonsense.

One thought on “Eco Priests Demand One Child Policy

  1. Mr. Gardiner

    I read about your comments in the House of Commons on June 9 to the effect that “climate change is real. It is caused by human action,” and that the best way to stop it is to reduce the surplus human population”. And that “We need to take the issue of population seriously.”

    Being a British MP, one would certainly assume you to be an noble and upstanding man with a self-consistent personal ethic. I expect that a man such as yourself would never speak to an issue in a manner that you would not also be willing to follow through with appropriate action. As an ethically consistent man, you certainly will demand of your self that, truly believing what you say, you would willingly involve yourself and eagerly undertake the actions that you espouse to achieve a solution.

    You stated in no uncertain terms in the Commons, that population is a problem that requires a solution. Understand sir, that being that you are a member of the population, you would therefore constitute a part of the current problem.

    You sir have deemed that the reduction of population a desirable end, and being a man of honour, you would certainly prefer to be a part of the solution as opposed to being a part of the problem. That being said, then I respectfully suggest that in order to show your commitment and honourability, that the most noble course of action for you to take is to kill yourself.

    In political life, there often come times where a member should prove to all that he is indeed a man of conviction; a respectable and honourable man, who is consistent in both his word and his act.

    Or are only Chinese people the problem Mr. Gardiner??

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