Eco-Embarassments for the Eco crowd

The authors found — just as I did — that following divorce, people moved to smaller households. Measured on a per-person basis, however, they were larger; they had more rooms and used more power, water and other resources.How much more? Cumulatively, the numbers are staggering.

In 2005, in the United States alone, divorced households had 38 million more rooms than if they were the same as married households.

They used an extra 73 billion kilowatts of electricity with a monthly bill of $580 million and 2.4 trillion litres of water.

That extra bill represents umpteen power plants all pumping greenhouse gases into the environment that would not be needed if couples had been able to work out their differences rather than splitting up.

In my case, even though I try to be socially responsible, I am reasonably certain that this knowledge would not have inspired my wife and I to stay together. The other forces at play were too great. (Source)

Following up on my previous blog entry here about how liberals are at fault for global warming, the above honest confession is a nice, breath of fresh air. Don’t know the reporter’s political affiliations, but if he’s a liberal, you’ve got to be impressed with his honesty and candour. 

I know liberals are all hot for taking drastic steps to save the environment and some of their more militant kind want to ban babies as a possible solution, but if they would simply stop and think for a moment about the toll their hedonistic sex lives are having on our environment, both conservatives and liberals might actually have a common cause.

Then again, when conservatives have pointed out the serious environmental side effects of poor sexual choices, all of a sudden talk about the environment is not as important as maintaining certain lifestyle choices.  And this, of course, only shows that the new morality of environmentalism is a sham. It’s only a placebo to ensure that the culture of death feels it’s being “socially responsible”, provided, of course, it doesn’t cost liberals anything.  Whenever the nasty reality of good environmentalism is presented to a liberal (i.e. promotion of strong family life), Eco-man is no where to be seen.

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