“Echoes of the Holocaust” presentation at Carleton on October 18

The brave pro-life students at Carleton University are hosting an event called Echoes of the Holocaust this coming Monday October 18:

Carleton Lifeline in conjunction with Jose Ruba [founder of the Canadian Centre for Bioethical Reform] invite you attend Echoes of the Holocaust: a comparison of human rights violations, including abortion.This is an educational talk that seeks to bring the abortion debate to the forefront of our society in a respectful and open way.

This event is open to everybody, even non-students.  Entry is free.

Time: Monday, October 18 · 7:00pm – 10:00pm

Location: Tory 360 (see map of Carleton University here.  The Tory Building is labelled TB on the map.  It’s in the upper-left portion of the map, near Dunton Tower)

Please come out to this excellent event and show your solidarity with the pro-lifers at Carleton!

4 thoughts on ““Echoes of the Holocaust” presentation at Carleton on October 18

  1. Sometimes at events like this they allow people to voice their opinions after the presenters presentations. These kinds of events are exceedingly informative.

  2. Am praying the protection of God and all his angels around these students and presenters and I pray that the hearts of the audience will be softened and opened to hear the message and respond!!

  3. Maureen, I am pretty sure our pro-life students and professors will prove without a shadow of a doubt why babies in the womb deserve our protection not capital punishment. Prayer is a way of life for them. I hope our people come to support them. blessings.

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