Easter is the answer

Easter is so central because it has two practical and fundamental implications for humans:

1. It confirms that Jesus is God, since no human can resurrect himself from the dead.

2. It confirms that we will also resurrect from the dead and have eternal life if we correspond to His plan for us.

Good Friday and Easter Sunday provide the answer to the age-old question of suffering. Why do bad things happen to good people? How can a good God allow suffering? Quite simply, because we can reap a greater good that way, if we respond properly.

God didn’t merely pronounce this baffling truth from the height of some ivory tower. He got down and dirty Himself, being tortured and crucified, to bring home this point more powerfully and lead by example. Indeed, Christ’s death and resurrection are the ultimate illustration: the greatest possible evil — deicide — led to the greatest possible good — the redemption of humankind.

Do you have problems? Fear not, for God has been there and has even died, something you have yet to do. He can relate and sympathize.

Even more, just as he turned His suffering and death into a great good, He wants to do the same for you, if you’ll cooperate and let Him go to work. Being God, He has turned suffering on its head. Instead of being incomprehensible and a despairing source of frustration, it has now become our most powerful ally, even our slave, because in spite of itself, it serves our good and salvation.

I’m not talking merely about growing in character and perseverance by overcoming adversity, even though those are important benefits. It goes much deeper. Suffering that is patiently united to Jesus’ Cross draws down supernatural grace from God, which acts more powerfully for our good and that of our loved ones than we could ever fathom.

In this light, the Christian no longer views suffering as an absolute evil. It is a mighty weapon at our disposal to overcome our mediocrity and to improve the world around us.

In short, Easter shows us that a Christian need never be discouraged or despondent. We’re never down for long, because we know that our times of suffering can be the most fruitful moments of our lives.

If you’re not a Christian, contact us to discover how Christ can put suffering at your service.

If you are a Christian, don’t let the power of suffering be lost by whining and complaining. Unite your suffering to Christ’s, and then watch the power flow.

Your own Easter awaits, but it is always preceded by Good Friday.

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