Dying, Dying, Dead

In response to my article Popping Balloons, I received this rather amusing response:

marco.falcon said… hope you are joking…or maybe you don’t like sex…or maybe you are a repressed priest…I really don’t know…know what? you didn’t understand your dear jesus AT ALL…

Well Marco, I can assure you that I like sex. I have 4 children to prove it. My children are at home. Where are yours? In a condom somewhere flushed down a toilet?

I wish I were joking, but I am dead serious. Although you won’t hear the MSM talking about how we got from there to here, read the article below and WAKE UP.

We cannot pretend that 100,000+ aborted babies per year and the sterile sex propaganda that Canada has been swimming in for decades have no effect on the serious societal consequences that will be sure to develop.

How many politicians have the balls to call out the elephant in the room? Not many, I assure you. That’s why if you don’t call the elephant out of the room, but are content with his presence, be sure to bring your shovel, because the level of elephant dung piling up is sure to sink a nation.

OTTAWA – Canada is close to having more people approaching retirement than reaching working age.

There are already barely enough young people entering the job market to replace those retiring as a result of the aging of the population, Statistics Canada says in its latest report on the 2006 census, a breakdown of the age and sex of the population.

“Population projections show that in about 10 years, Canada may have more people at the age where they can leave the labour force than at the age where they can begin working,” it said.

In 2006 there was just over one person entering the job market for each person leaving it, down from 1.4 at the time of the previous census in 2001, and 2.3 in the 1970s.

“Canada has never had so many people close to retirement,” it said.

That presents challenges for employers and for society as a whole, it added. While the report doesn’t state what those challenges are, they include worker shortages, rising health care costs and increasing demands on private pension systems.


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