Dutch priest refuses euthanasia funeral

The small Dutch town of Liempde is at the centre of an outcry after a Catholic priest refused to say a funeral mass for a man who had opted for euthanasia. Father Norbert van der Sluis said on Tuesday that he was also not willing to arrange for a colleague to take over the funeral service. The family of the deceased man had to arrange for the service to be held in another parish. ”When it comes to euthanasia, my answer has to be no”, said the priest. ”As a matter of conscience I cannot allow a fellow priest to say the funeral mass in my church.” The priest’s decision has already prompted local protest and halted a fundraising campaign to raise money for the church organ. The clergyman says he was only acting on the rules agreed upon by the Dutch bishops, which state that anyone who opts for euthanasia is not entitled to a church funeral. (Source)

If you listen closely, you can hear heads exploding all around CanChurch.

2 thoughts on “Dutch priest refuses euthanasia funeral

  1. The Dutch experience ought to be enough to demonstrate the danger of granting physicians the right to kill their patients. Euthanasia changes the nature of the medical profession itself. Physicians are cast in the role of killers rather than healers.The Hippocratic Oath was written to place the medical profession on the foundation of healing not killing their patients. For 2,400 years patients have had the assurance that doctors would follow an oath to heal them not kill them. The doctor-patient relationship changes with legalized euthanasia.

    Medical care is affected. Physicians begin to ration health care so that the elderly and disabled patients are not receiving the same quality of care as everyone else. Legalizing euthanasia results in less care for the dying rather than better care. Legalizing euthanasia opens the door to anyone wanting the right to kill themselves. Soon various court precedents begin to broaden the application of the right to die to other groups in society like the disabled or the clinically depressed.

    My Father visited The Netherlands and told us the horrors his friends face, and the “Dutch Experience”. Reminds me of the over 400 laws the Nazi Supreme Court made legalizing ” The Final Solution”. But of course our politicians and Supreme Court justices can be trusted not to have us killed ,or can they ? They certainly don’t have a good track record concerning the safety of children in their mothers womb. Politically Correct Relativism by decree is having it’s effect on our Culture. Just imagine how difficult standing for the sanctity of life is for the Royal Priesthood in The Netherlands.

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