Dupes of the Left

United in Hate: The Left’s Romance with Tyranny and Terror, by Jamie Glazov (WND Books, 264 pp., $25.95)
The long romance of Western leftists with some of the bloodiest regimes and political movements in history is a story not told often enough, and Jamie Glazov’s United in Hate tells it particularly well. Glazov, managing editor of FrontPage, holds a Ph.D. in U.S., Russian, and Canadian foreign policy. He also is an immigrant from the Soviet Union, where his parents were active in the dissident movement. Both intellectually and personally, he’s well qualified to document and expose the Left’s destructive behavior.

United in Hate begins with a brief survey of the many leftists who since 9/11 have rationalized jihadist terrorism and blamed the United States for the attacks: “From Noam Chomsky to Norman Mailer,” Glazov writes, “from Eric Foner to Susan Sontag, the Left used 9/11 to castigate America,” seeing the 3,000 dead in Manhattan as “merely collateral victims of the world’s well-founded rebellion against the evil American empire.” But similar attitudes are also found in the Democratic Party itself. From Jimmy Carter’s courtship of Hamas to the Democratic congressional leadership’s eagerness to declare the Iraq War a failure—even as millions of Iraqis voted in free elections—the presumably “moderate” Democratic leadership has regularly created obstacles to defeating a murderous jihadist ideology that opposes every ideal the liberal Left supposedly embraces….(Source)

I remember when the Sandinistas first came to power in Nicaragua back in 1979.  Canadian “social justice” Catholics were ecstatic.  Throughout the next decade the Catholic New Times frequently published articles and commentaries praising the Sandinista government for the great job it was supposedly doing improving the lot of the poor and making a more just society. The Catholic bishop’s organization, Development and Peace, focused an inordinate amount of attention and aid on Nicaragua. Many liberal Canadian priests twinned their own parishes with “People’s Church” (established by the Sandinistas) parishes in Nicaragua.

Never mind that probably the most disrespectful government-orchestrated public display that Pope John Paul II was ever subject to was at the Mass in Managua, where banners portraying revolutionaries were hung behind the altar. The front seats – reserved for Catholic organizations – were instead occupied by Sandinista supporters who drowned out the Pope’s homily and prayers with loud political chants.  At one point the Pope in frustration shouted “Silencio!” to no avail.  President Ortega and other Sandinista leaders occupied prominent positions on a platform near the altar from which they shouted “People’s Power” and gave clench-fist salutes.  When the Pope was criticizing the “People’s Church” the address system “broke down”.  A supplementary “emergency” address system then began broadcasting Sandinista slogans and the revolution’s national anthem.   Never mind that the Ministry of Education removed religious instruction from the school curriculum.  Never mind that three clergy occupying high positions in the revolutionary government disobeyed a direct order from the Vatican to remove themselves from political office.  And never mind, as Thornton relates, “the regime’s 8,000 political executions, 20,000 political prisoners, forced population re-locations, or regular use of torture on state enemies.”

The political left in North America are not just dupes, they are dangerous.  And they now control the presidency of the United States and many important positions at all levels of government in Canada.

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