Dumping the Pill

GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN, September 18th, 2008 (LifeSiteNews.com) – Although he is the third-generation owner of his family-run pharmacy, pharmacist Mike Koelzer runs the business somewhat differently than his forefathers. In 2002, Kay Pharmacy in Grand Rapids, Michigan made a public decision to longer sell any form of contraceptives, including birth control and condoms. Koelzer told Faithandconscience.com that his reasons for eliminating birth control can be traced directly to the literature found on the insert in most oral contraceptive boxes.  “It came down to God’s teaching through the Catholic Church on the sanctity of all human life and on contraception. The Church teaches that all contraception is intrinsically evil. But, there is yet a further problem with hormonal contraceptives in how they work, which is sometimes killing a newly formed life,” Koelzer related. “It is the third mechanism of action (the alteration in the endometrium which reduces the likelihood of implantation), which can kill a newly formed member of the human family by not allowing the new life to attach to the mother’s uterus.”….

This is the kind of heroic action that we need.  Good for Koelzer.  It’s only through personal sacrifices – and a lot of them – that things can really start to change. 

“Birth control pill?  No, ma’am. Not here.  And I’m not going to give you a referral either.”

5 thoughts on “Dumping the Pill

  1. Well Joe…this is where a civil society breaks down. And why I so support a secular state.

    Said pharmacist refuses condoms and pills to some people. Ok…that is his right. More pronounced with Doctors but same scenario.

    Said Pharmacist has a heart attack and the EMTs arrive…same man and woman who were denied condoms and BC pills. Their response = you refused us because of your beliefs = fair enough but our beliefs will not allow us to treat you nor transport you to the hospital.

    Police arrive…same response! Call your own cops!

    Does every care giver need a sign of religious duties? Muslims?

    There are many international groups of Doctors and care givers that provide aid without such provisions? Doctors without Borders for example!

    Is this what you want Canada to get into?

  2. LS from SK: Your comparison is invalid.

    The pharmacist is refusing to provide these items to ANYONE. Your comparison requires individual discrimination.

    A more valid comparison, would be an EMT that did not carry a defibrilator. They thereby could not defibrilate ANYONE. That is a fair comparison.

  3. Actually on second thought, it is not fair. There is a difference. The items the pharmacist refuses to carry cause injury and death. He is saving lives. The EMT refusing to carry a defibrilator would not be saving lives.

  4. Jack P…many items Pharmacists carried for years like Tobacco were well known to cause injury and death and only government regulation stopped them from selling items of death.

    Give me the name of any pharmacist and I will guarantee you the shelves will have Condoms, KY Jelly, Anal Ease and so on!

    The move in BC and Alberta (like the the EU) where Pharmacists are more than profit-taking prescribers might force a rethink of this whole issue.

  5. LS from SK:
    Any retailer could freely choose NOT to carry tobacco products, or magazines, or potato peelers, or light bulbs…. or whatever they choose to stock or not to stock.

    It is inconsistent to allow choice in some cases but not others. Why are condoms and contraeptives exempt?

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