Duceppe Dumps D&P

…In his post, Duceppe says he has supported D&P “for years” but stopped this year because the organization has too closely aligned itself with the Vatican’s moral stance on contraception and abortion, and the Harper government’s “ideological obsession” that is “inspired by a certain religious right.”…(Source)

I don’t know what is a greater indictment….the actual evidence against Development & Peace or the fact that proto-Communist, Gilles Duceppe supported them all these years.   I actually think the latter is more damning.

You’re known by the company you keep, friends.  That’s a maxim the Left likes to use a lot…but hey, this street goes both ways.

D&P is getting purged….inside and out.  This is going to be a looooooooong surgical operation, but it’s getting done.   And by my watch, my prediction will probably be about right….it’s gonna take 10 years.   The first 4 were spent exposing…the last 6 will be spent unwinding.

Either way, the D&P might want to continue on with their trajectory, but it won’t last forever.  They’re peeling support every day.


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