Fr. Robert Drinan: The Social Justice Sexual Molester

…The last incident was not child abuse, because I was no longer a minor, though I was still a teenager of 18 or 19. Several years earlier, my family had worked for the election of our congressman, Father Robert Drinan, an anti-Vietnam War, pro-choice priest. He was in town for a fundraiser or town meeting, and I went. Afterward he offered me a ride to the subway. (You’d think I would have learned.) He was in his 50s, and as he drove we chatted about college. We got to where he was letting me off, he turned off the engine, and he began jabbering incoherently about men and women. Then he lunged, shoving his tongue in my mouth while running his hands over my breasts and up and down my torso. It seems like the set-up for a joke, a Jewish woman being molested by a Jesuit. As we tussled, I had probably the most naïve thought of my life: “How could this be happening, he’s a priest!”As I shoved him off and opened the car door to get out, I saw I had left a smear of my pink lipstick on his clerical collar. Again, I told no one. It was embarrassing, revolting, and I had no desire to make accusations against a congressman, especially one I admired….(Source)

Fr. Robert Drinan did enormous damage to the pro-life cause.  And like most “progressive” priests, the ugly truth behind their progressivism is a state of sexual mortal sin. 

Any Catholic advocating for “social justice” should be suspect of being in a state of mortal sin.  That might sound rather extreme, but I submit that most social justice advocates that I’ve seen and heard from fall into this boat.  Check out this revealing conversation  (H/T Heresy Hunter), and you will see precisely what I mean.  Can you pick out all of the big, honking red flags in this woman’s admissions?  What is she doing, confronting a Catholic priest about what the Catholic church teaches when she obviously has no bloody clue what she’s talking about?  She belongs to the Social Justice religion, not the Catholic Faith, so what is she doing protesting in front of a Catholic parish?  Like get a clue, you dip.

Social justice must be thoroughly expunged from the Church.  Every last drop of it. Those who advocate for it are enemies of Jesus Christ and need to be called out as such.

When you hear about progressive priests, don’t kid yourself about their own fidelity to sexual morality. In the end, it’s about self-justification as Fr. Drinan aptly demonstrated….just like it is for the pro-abort activists who want some cover for their past.  Don’t think it’s just theoretical for them or “for the cause”.  The more vociferous they are, the more heinous their sexual sins are.

Notice too how the pro-abort writer above was willing to pass on seeking redress for her own personal dignity and overlook her molester’s sins because of some perverse notion of the human right to abortion.  This is so typical of how pro-abortionists think.  It really doesn’t matter how many crimes are committed – even crimes against their own personal integrity – the cause must be protected at all costs.

6 thoughts on “Fr. Robert Drinan: The Social Justice Sexual Molester

  1. —————————————————————————————————————————————–.

    Hey guys–= -didn’t you get the word-=-=-we’re all sinners!
    The lines above were typed by my cat.

  2. Yes, we’re all sinners. But some of us do repent. And some of us do not advocate for heinous crimes against humanity and remain unrepentant even unto death.

  3. Ex-Father Maciel didn’t really believe in the Catholic Faith (he refused last confession on his death bed, among other things). He was simply using the Church for his perverse lifestyle. Drinan, on the other hand, was quite open about his rejection of Church teaching and progressivism.

  4. What about a society that normalizes Kinsey sex-education from Kindergarten trough University, Governments, Courts, Teacher’s Colleges and Federations as a human right and social justice?

    What do you expect from justices, lawyers, teacher’s and citizen’s who are socially engineered by this Establishment? In a democracy the laws of the land reflect it’s citizens. Professor Tom Landers and friends have proven that a society where Politically Correct Relativism has made common sense, and objective thinking idea’s of the past can be led easily into any direction by The Establishment. He and his friends tried to teach Canadian society to politically control it’s democracy before it morphs into tyranny by establishment.

    I will never forget being invited to Tom Landers home, and being taught by the best minds around. Many of these men and women visited Tom from The United States,and all over the Globe. Most of these men and women had tenure and were not afraid of being fired by Their Establishment for teaching the whole truth, even though the textbook answers that could be proven wrong had to put on exams if one wanted The Establishment to pass them. Tom and his friends spent their own money ,and effort to politically organize and teach Canadian citizens from all faiths and agnostics from 2005-2008 to humiliate Parliament to pass a Bill into Canadian Law, to end rotten Parliamentary Legislation and Supreme Court Of Canada Law of 2005 and succeeded in 2008. This is Democracy in action according to it’s design. In a democracy like ours the citizens are politically responsible for the laws of the land. What the majority wants everyone has to live with or politically organize to prove otherwise. If we don’t hold our Elected Officials accountable they will rule us any way they want.

  5. Something funny about this whole business. I have read Dear Prudence for years. Emily Yoffe is meticulous about using pseudonyms in answering her mail. This is the only time I can remember where a real person is named, and where Yoffe goes outside of her Prudence persona. Now it is true that Drinan, being a Member of Congress, is a public figure, and thus , under New York Times v. Sullivan, immunizes Yoffe or her employer from any libel charges. Even if it did occur, there is nothing illegal there and nothing at all about child abuse. As Alice would say, Curioser and Curioser!

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