D&P’s Share Lent Campaign

“Human Dignity” without mentioning the Unborn in any of their literature.

Maybe someone should clue them into the Bishops’ latest “Social Justice” document:

“The right to life from conception to natural death is the basic human right, the condition for the exercise of all other human rights…” (Source, No.1)

Or perhaps, D&P is showing us once again how they prefer not to put THE FIRST RIGHT and the CONDITION of all other rights where it belongs.

Why do the bishops not mandate the mention of the plight of the unborn when their official organs talk about social justice?

Isn’t that their job? To safeguard and explain the Faith?

Why is that so difficult? Can someone tell me?  If D&P doesn’t want to tow the line, then, please, show them the door. It’s not that complicated.

If you’re not pro-life, you’re not Catholic. Repent!

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